Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WDT: Cuomo unveils $145.3 billion budget plan, initiatives

     Housing the poor and homeless....OK.....Freezing Thruway tolls for four years....Don't care.....Upping the minimum wage....Can't afford....

      Governor Cuomo's proposed budget has all this and more, including an additional billion for education and money for infrastructure.

     All sides have pledged to enact a spending plan by April 1.

Watertown Daily Times | Cuomo unveils $145.3 billion budget plan, initiatives


Anonymous said...

Close all the prisons!!!

Anonymous said...

Addie, Where is all the money going to come from? No mention of increased taxes or fees, but where is the incoming revenue for this pie in the sky budget.

It had to take Assembly Barrows to get up and do a Joe Wilson, 'Not true not true' instead of 'You lie'. Cuomo's deadpan response 'OK, OK Assemblyman we heard you'

Why did you not stand up Addie, you h ad your opportunity right then?

Anonymous said...

Couple of things struck me about Cuomo's State of the State

What looked liked an alter Cuomo was standing behind,serving up communion who was sitting beneath passing off notes to Cuomo, Shelly, Skelos and Addie in t he middle?

A few days ago, The Assembly defeated the first bill for Ethics REform, hmmmmmm Addie how did you vote and the four individuals who are going to take on Addie here is your chance.....

The Audience had to sit through and watch a video, the companies on the video did they receive State Grants, and if this is the case this would seem more like a political event, should NYS taxpayers have to foot the bill for this political video

Asking the questions no one from the left dares to bring up?

Anonymous said...

8:46 I see nothing wrong with your proposal, I mean Obama has just released 6,000 prisoners to show how compasionate we are to let them commit crimes again, why not close all the prisons.

Cuomo thinks we should increase the age to 18 yrs before citizens should be tried for ciminal acts. Let's let the 5 youths, 14, (2) 15 years old, 17 years and the one that the police department has not captured yet all be tried as youngsters for the gang rape in Brooklyn last Thursday.

It's all about the kids!