Tuesday, January 5, 2016

WDT: Both Mayor Candidates Raise Over $13,000 for Campaigns...Spend More

      The numbers in this WDT story tell a different tale, but 2015 filings with NYS show my campaign raising over $13,000, as did my opponent, Joe Butler Jr.  We both spent a bit more, with my effort requiring about $2K from me.   My opponent returned a thousand dollar contribution from a local developer with action pending before the Council. When you sort it all out we were both in the red for about the same amount, according to filings. 
        Then there was the opportunity cost of running as in a ton of extra payroll at the business, so it was an expensive year, but you have to go all out once you get in.
       It was fun and we had some great printed material and commercials. 
       Some of the filings are hard to read as the BOE site delivers blanks for some reports.  But the notion asserted that I raised less than last time is not true, and the reporting on both campaigns understated by thousands the contributions. In the end , none of it matters other than perception. Come to think of that perception does matter.
        Watertown Daily Times | Tens of thousands contributed to local election candidates in 2015


Anonymous said...

Perception does matter mayor... Some of us percieve Patty Ritchie as a person who has spoken out against corruption but has reaped in thousands from Felons and their friends for her campaign funds and dosnt seem to have any concern about returning it or gi9ving us an explanation..
The commentators on this blog seem pleased to give her a pass but refused to give Ms Russell a pass on anything leaving me to believe that the mayor is censoring many articles or its a Republican blog.

Anonymous said...

You are only counting direct contributions. If you count the free political advertisements that Perry and Scotty gave to your opponent, they add to about another $30k worth of donations for him. That doesn't count your Hotline guest host and other radio personalityless broadcasters.

Anonymous said...

The unlimited time they gave Demar to call you names and make baseless claims. Priceless.