Monday, January 4, 2016

Under The Table

    Will the upward push of the minimum wage encourage more "under the table" employment despite all the increased payroll audits from Andy's tax department ?
    There will be some of that, but there always has been.
     The government depends on people turning people in, so it is not a slam dunk, but in many cases you will see more work under the table.
     Of course that will happen in the dwindling numbers of small businesses. The corporate boys will go along with he plan and just raise prices.

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Anonymous said...

You are jumping the gun a little on your one point. Big business will react by cutting labor hours and services to begin with. Once the small and medium businesses are gone,THEN they will raise prices. Most people are not aware that Wally charges higher prices in locations with less competition.

As far as work done for cash, that will depend how much freestuff the workers has access to. With everything being free from food to heat to Obamaphones to internet to songs from Youtube, there is little instinctive for folks to work for cash.