Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Night Musings

       Finally, movement towards single stream recycling....Up till now if you advocated it you were accused of disloyalty to the county you live in...But, it's high time the current source separation system go the way of the payphone and the eight track player.
       Also tonight I attended a meeting of people interested in the disposition of what used to be the North Side Improvement League. All the talk of a new League is done and its about selling the property and letting the people on the blame line for a small mortgage and tax liens off the hook and finding a suitable way to dispose of the rest of the proceeds.
        A looming tax sale certificate redemption and a healthy dose of confusion plagues it all. I suggested none of the people in the room have the right to convey property for an entity effectively defunct.  I also suggested a lawyer who is well versed in property issues so that the dissolution can be done in accordance with edicts from the AG, which must approve such a move.
        The other option is to allow the tax sale transfer to occur but that doesn't resolve the debt issue for the guarantors.
         Lesson.....If you are a member of a club, don't be the one to sign on the dotted line so that other people have a place to hang out.
         Also, a restaurant owner texted me tonight to relay the impact of Andy's hike in the tipped wage. Four layoffs and two full timers moved to part time. 
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Anonymous said...

Yep..much like co signing for a student loan,you are in forever,even though the govt gives away money to other students like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh the great founders of government failures 101. Yesterday there was a major piece issued about the increase of min. wage in the heart of the DC. Yu guessed it, when they raised the min. wage last year for food service people, the Metro DC lost 2,400 jobs. The piece indicated with this next wage increase just the DC area is looking at a loss of 13,000 within this one industry fast food service.

The NYS business council is forcasting over 250,000 loss of jobs in upstate NYS even when this is enacted incrementally.

Social engineering is the best in Blue of the Bluest state NYS. Get ready for that robot at the drive through window at Mikey D's to say have a nice day.

To the Demtards your kids and grandchildren applaud you for your continuation of the destruction of America.

God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

I defy the restaurant owner to come forward. If not... B.S.

Anonymous said...

7:56, it is nothing like signing for a student loan. The NSIL actually had value, but junior's SUNY Potsdam degree in African womyn diversity sensitivity studies, only qualifies him to be microaggression race gender equality coordinator at Suny Potsdam. But Junior is not qualified to be offered such a job because he has the wrong genitalia, sexual preference and skin tone.

otherwords1 said...

So single stream would men greater efficiency for our trash pick up and a reduction in what we pay? Or will that loser our taxes? Bet neither happens.
The real bottom line, considering so much we have to pay in State Mandates, is what will continue be effective to maintain a healthy City Budget.
A fifteen dollar wage is a clumsy and ineffective way to deal with trying to raise the economic, political and social status of the middle and lower class. It only makes sense that this will raise the production or operating cost of businesses. And to remain competitive this means having more efficiency in production or, if everyone else starts the ball rolling-increase our cost of living.
Andy is risking losing a lot of votes if prices go up because of his minimum wage deal and people connect the dots back to him.. There are other answers to help the middle and lower classes. And they start with lowering the wage of those of who earns the MOST, not those who earn the least!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhinoturd, not all Dems agree with Andy!

Anonymous said...

What a mess with the NSIL. Why has the AG not stepped in yet to help sort things out? Like you say, nobody in this deal has any legal standing.

Anonymous said...