Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump's Move Defies Conventional Obsequiousness Towards the MSM

     Maybe Donald Trump is continuing to redefine politics by not taking part in the usual network, set-piece "debates"  that often are more a venue for anchor preening and gotcha moments.
     Maybe his refusal to attend tomorrow's FOX debate is an affront to voters who want to see the candidates, even the ones polling at one or two points.
     It's a risky move and ensures he will get attention, especially if he holds a rival event on another network.
     I am not sure picking the fight with Megyn Kelly works. She is popular and so what if she recently interviewed Michael Moore. That's her job.
     These debates are money makers for the cable nets and The Donald knows it.  Mr. Trump has fueled a ratings explosion, and who's going to watch now, just to see the low energy candidates.
     I am schooled more in the traditional ways and would be wary of the boycott, but sometimes you have to understand how corrupt and vacuous the media can be and just say the Hell with them and their phony strictures. When you do that, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.
      That's the gamble Mr. Trump is taking. He has been more often right than wrong this year and maybe this is his version of Ronald Reagan's "I paid for this microphone" moment.
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Anonymous said...

But the MAIN reason I like him is that he won't play the media's game.
He is winning by a big margin. So do you think half his supporters will change their minds over this? If not, he still wins the nomination. He is just doing what Hillary had been surreptitiously doing. Resting on his strong lead and avoiding debates.

Anonymous said...

He dosnt buckle for the media and their reporters. The porn stars of Fox news will just have to sharpen their knives without him there.Fox news in my opinion is the type of network that encourages today trend of hate and suspicion and their reporters are sleezy.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. How many debates must we have!!! Good for Mr. Trump!

otherwords1 said...

Fox engineered this whole thing to do two things. First, to give Ted Cruz and his Tea Party Agenda a boost. Second, to stir up controversy by designating a biased reporter that it knows to be distasteful to one candidate instead of changing the moderator to one that should be considered neutral. Then this does NOT become a "debate" but another skewed presentation supporting the political agenda Fox has always maintained.
Donald Trump has every right and absolutely should not debate in the environment Fox has ARRANGED.
People should shun this program (not debate) like they would shun one where a conservative talk show host spews forth the pablum he or she does daily.
People should not criticize Trump for withdrawing, but Fox for a clumsy attempt to once again influence public opinion with their technique of skewing a "debate" to an agenda they favor.
Why let Fox arrange the final debate anyway? Why not the League of Women Voters of the DAR? Some third party who is recognized as neutral? Then let any network broadcast the debate.

Anonymous said...

Come on Jeff, thought you would be a little smarter than this. We can understand Little Mikey Middle Class angle but you?

Yesterday Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan son issued this statement,

"Donald Trump has done a 180 degree switch from being a life long Pro Clinton Supporter to a Ronald Regan Conservative. In 1980 Trump made the maximum contribution to Jimmy Carter and maxed out to Walter Mondale Pac. He also stated to CNN that he wanted Bush impeached and the 1st year of Obama's presidency he was saying Obama
was 'amazing' and phenomonal'

It is amazing and phenomonal that he still uses these words but that he dupes you. We expect the childish rhymes out of the Loser Mikey. I believe you are a still an independent thinker but Mikey, another life long democrat that uses his so called registration within the GOP to think he outsmarts anyone in Upstate NY.

Mikey your values are quite similar to Trump and his downstate liberal values, keep reciting your nursery rhymes sound so childish just like the way Trump speaks.

Anonymous said...

Another right wing talk show brought to you by Fox.
The picture to the right of this shows Elyse with he dog. But it does not show her on her porch at her Willsboro home. I have never seen a picture of that Wilboro home.

Middle-Class Mike said...

From Twitter War:
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Roger Ailes FOX/CEO: You're a 2 bit bushwhacker trying to set up Mr. Trump; PS: Insulting Twitter people is small ball! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

You poked the media Jeff and they took you down.

Anonymous said...

But Mikey, Trump insults everyone and anyone twittering.

He left himself an opening that he might attend the debate.At this point nobody cares! Like one of the posters mentioned on the thread and they are facts earlier Trump has been a diehard Democrat much like yourself, fools on boths sides of the aisle that sought his campaign contributions in the past.

He certainly knows how to play the public, he's got you fooled!

Anonymous said...

8:56 Your true colors, The League of Women Voters, Are you kidding me, the female arm of the Democrats, get real!

Anonymous said...

Trump will not be hurt by this free publicity. He will finish one or two on Monday and win NH. I will be voting for Cruz, but I like the way Trump is acting.

Anonymous said...

9:47 Bushwhacker #II, Mike please take your time but please respond and tell us where The Donald has not supported socialized medicine like Bernie Sanders, he supports abortion, open borders and high taxes on you and I but not himself. One more thing and this is a big one he does support gun control.

Oh and on the Celeb. Apprentice he once said he would like to see a women on her knees, please explain what he meant by that.

What on earth is there to like about this pig?

Anonymous said...

9:19, go get some golf in somewhere. You will feel better.