Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ticket to paradise: Powerball jackpot could hit $1.3B

    The number one story for the next three days...the thing real people talk about around the water cooler...will not be ISIS....or whether Clifton and Fine merge.
    It will be the record smashing $1.3 (likely to be $1.6) BILLION dollar Powerball lottery.
     Unbelievably, no one had the winning numbers Saturday night, prompting the first ever Billion-plus prize.
      Given the size, everyone will play...except for the most pious.  Last night I had the power ball right on one ticket for $4, and I'll make sure I have some chances for Wednesday.
       What would you do with that money ? Where would you deposit it ?  Can I take it down to Dividend Drive and get my quarter point interest. Risky as only the first $250K is insured, so you better spread it around.
        And if you win Wednesday, save time for lunch Thursday with Rande to discuss your legacy of giving, and be ready for every stock broker, salesman, relative, slacker, and huckster to be seeking you out.
       I think I'd buy up my neighborhood and revive the Village of Juhleville.
Ticket to paradise: Powerball jackpot could hit $1.3B


Anonymous said...

If by "pious" you mean "sensible", then you chose the right word.

Are there any workplaces with water coolers to hang out at anymore? Education and healthcare workers drink bottled water and everyone else works from their car, save for a few sweat shops and of course the majority in fast food.

Anonymous said...

I was in one of the quick stops today. They had ten people in line ahead of me. Every one of them laughed at the people who were stupid enough to buy tickets. As each person got to the register, every one of them bought powerball tickets.