Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Mayor's Blog......In a More Sophisticated Setting

      I had to chuckle when my bro sent me a link from Cary NC where he lives...Cary is the well to do bedroom community where the Research Triangle is and major universities like Duke, UNC and NC State are nearby.
       And the Mayor of Cary has his own blog. I just think of the those back here who couldn't accept or get over the notion of a mayor talking to the people without the filter.
Mayor Harold Weinbrecht

       In Cary, the Mayor tells the folks what he has been doing and what's going on. It's a great tool. A little behind the times but still a good idea.
CaryCitizen | Harold’s Blog: Construction Report & a Visit to NC State

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Anonymous said...

The real difference here is our NC friend no doubt is married and has kids. According to Channel 7, that's what this is all about.