Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ted Cruz: Iowa may be last chance to stop Donald Trump

      It's beginning to look more and more like no "brokered" convention or even a long string of contested primaries as The Donald is over 40 in some national polls and Senator Ted Cruz is warning Iowa clergy that if Mr. Trump isn't stopped in the Hawkeye State, it's all over.

     Meanwhile Rev Jerry Falwell Jr today endorsed Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz: Iowa may be last chance to stop Donald Trump


Anonymous said...

The best gift Reality Show Trumpster is giving to the Donkey party is his acknowledgment of being very very close to Reid, Pelosi and Schummer, especially Schummer as interviewed this AM on Morning Joe.

Sometimes I hope and pray that the tail end of these aged Baby Boomers of which The Trumpster is one would just kindly walk off the reality show stage once and for all. Soros, Bill & Hillary Rodham Clinton, Trump, Reid Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Bloomberg would they all just go away and let the younger generation move forward and undo the destruction this generation has done to our country.

Will be funny if Trump falls on his a## and no one votes for him in Iowa and NH, we can then blame the media for skewing the poll numbers and it was all fake. If the old man Daddy Trump was so conservative wouldn't the apples that fall from his tree lean conservative at least. Trump is as much a fraud and an establishment type as the rest of them. He is playing to everyone's stupidity and all those that have bought into the reality shows for the last 10 years. He is a media wh####.

Middle-Class Mike said...


Last chance for Cruz to look under the hood,
Canadian born Cruz ain't doing so good,
It's the last chance 'Texaco'
So maybe he should,

Make up his mind about amnesty,
Provide a little clarity,
Cause he ain't doing so good,
Last chance Texaco!

Campaigning in Iowa,
Without being pro Ethanol,
Could be misunderstood,
Last chance 'Texaco',

Better look under the hood,
Cause he ain't looking to good.

I was Inspired by the great Rickie Lee Jones song,
"Last Chance Texaco" You Tube!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I suspect Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz missile would be able to get a good gig in Canada. Being a native son from there and all.