Sunday, January 24, 2016


    A popular rural watering hole is open again. The Hillbilly Inn (formerly Buffalo Inn and Hillbilly Heaven)  is on a back road somewhere between Carthage and Copenhagen. Best wishes on the endeavor.
     Long work day today but the two football games should help out.
      Those desnudas in NYC are certainly hard workers, standing out in the snow (waiting for a Post photographer).
       Dog days of winter coming up.  This is the coldest week (statistically) of the year, so we are halfway there.


Ray said...

Go Denver! Don't really go crazy about them, but screw N.E. winning again!

Anonymous said...

Tina Fey's only act has been playing Palin. I've never seen her do anything else. Another partisan hack who thinks she's a great comedienne. Stevie Colbert is another great one. One act monkeys.

Anonymous said...

JUst like Owens vs Doheny one and Owens vs Doheny two and Stefanik vs Doheny final.. The cream always rises to the top.. Honesty and integrity wins in the end.

Anonymous said...

5:05, 30 rock was a pretty good show.
If all she does is mimic gramma of the year on SNL, it's just fine with most people.
No one can tell the difference, except that Palin is now a lil bit porky.