Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Storm 2016

     The Nation will survive even if two feet of the white stuff falls on Washington. Among the most stoic are the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown, who stand there even though there is no one there to see them.
     I am waiting for some photos from The Mall later from my DC insider. The scenery near the Capitol is fine as FOX's Maria Molina is camped out there with her yardstick to measure the snow.
     Back here, the winter continues to plod along easily with average temps to give way to a brief warm spell on Tuesday.  No snow in sight here.
      Among those looking bad was Governor Chris Christie who was on FOX today talking his peeps through the storm, even though he had made it clear he'd rather be in NH campaigning, and can't wait to get back.
     Meanwhile there is flooding on the Jersey shore and two feet of snow in areas.
     Over here, Governor Cuomo and Mayor deBlasio are vying to be seen as the most responsive, but at least no one has closed I-81 in Pulaski yet. The Governor is on TV as I write this urging people not to drive.


dajeep said...

Go to the earthcams if you want to see some scenery. The mall camera was OK, but the last time I looked the WAMO cam lens was snow covered.

Anonymous said...

Time for a new headline for the tabloids after they were so charitable to us in 1998 ice storm-"Stix to City--Snow Happens"

Anonymous said...

They are all nuts... We live this weather and these storms all winter and no one cares. Our idiot Governor likes publicity so he shuts rte 81 ;down occassionaly.

otherwords1 said...

Isn't merely an "opportunity" for both Andy and Bill to show people how great they are? Maybe they can go to Times Square and pass out skis! or Drive a snow plow with network news people recording their "heroic involvement" during "Storm Jonas".
Do any of you realize that Jonas is the name of the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish? If any of you actually know him, you know he is quite the opposite of a big storm-too kind for that.

Anonymous said...

Governor Chris Christie chances of being President and controlling the Snow Blizzard are exactly the same. NONE !!

Anonymous said...

Have they gone absolutely nuts in SLC.. Now Mary Rain hasnt time to prosecute a trial she made her campaign standard.. She wants an out of county attorney to preside over the trial as she claims she has too many other duties.. Now Travis Damm of Goveurneur has asked Sheriff Wells to form a horseback patrol instead of using the cars as much.. This would be used in riot cases which often happen in Potsdam and the college towns.. Damm has initially approved the Sheriffs use of boat patrol, horse patrolk, snowmobile patrols, homeland security camera checking, authorized one more dare officer.. All of this with the reducing of the department by at least two deputies..
I think Mr Wells has enough to worry about without planning any of Damms ideas

Anonymous said...

We would never, ever have weather and dangerous roads like this if it weren't for the Republican budget cuts. When will we learn that peeeple come first, as it were?

Anonymous said...

Anytime something happens that paralyzes DC, it is a good thing.