Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Races Divides Democratic Field

   The Democratic nomination for President show a racial divide in the party....Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders are 45-45 among white Democrats, but Secretary Clinton is up 68-16 among black voters.


Anonymous said...

She has made a great effort to pander to blacks. Sucking up pays with some folks. If you think we hate our police now, wait till Thighs gets in there. She even made the water problems out in Michigan a racial issue.

Anonymous said...

I applaud those in the black african community that have departed some what from the 95% blacks that voted for the Great O.

Funny thing is that it is a known fact the education system in the South is a bit behind the times and they sure aren't teaching American History in prek-12 anymore but has this demographic not learned yet that the KKK was founded by serious Democrats. We just celbrated MMK yesterday and how quickly they forget who was turning the dogs and hoses on them. It wasn't the GOP members.

I sure don't see much diversification within the Dem. party for Presidential candidates, they all are white and old.