Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Palin Bigfoots Cruz With Backing of Trump Tonight in Ames, Iowa.

   Governor Sarah Palin, the one time VP candidate, Tea Party icon and still popular GOP campaigner, has endorsed Donald Trump, in the process eschewing Senator Ted Cruz who also endured today the urgings of the Iowa governor not to vote for him.
    Mr. Trump and Ms. Palin will stump together in Iowa and Oklahoma this week.
     This endorsement gives Trump more excitement and continues his domination of the news cycle.
     The Iowa caucuses are 13 days away.


Anonymous said...

So the right wing media white trash whore extraordinaire is endorsing a moronic narcissistic carnival barker. Gee, golly, wow, color me surprised!



Anonymous said...

Cruz's time will come again. He will only be 52 in 2024. The future looks bright for America.

Anonymous said...

8:21 I can only guess who this is, your writing seems very similar to another poster.

Your hatred of WHITE WHORE WOMEN IS MIND BOGGLING, Please direct your anger toward the liberal women who have turned you into less than a real man.