Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama Lays Out His Gun Initiative

If a child can't open a bottle of aspirin and you need  a fingerprint to unlock your phone, the POTUS says gun technology needs to catch up. Mr. Obama announced his executive order gun regulations today that included more strict interpretation of rules on selling firearms.  
  Expect a big fight over this, but the President was joined by former Rep. Gabbie Giffords who was severely wounded in a gun attack five years ago in Tuscon.


Ted Ford said...

Since our Congresswoman is a regular reader of this blog I would respectfully ask her to endorse the President's executive action on guns.

Anonymous said...

Great !!! its about time he pushes this to the max ,

The man taught Constitutional Law in law school and understands what the limits of executive action Are on this issue as it relates to the Second amendment . I wish he would use his last year to begin to right other issues that have been hindered by this DO NOTHING congress that is owned by the NRA and other special interests .

Now lets listen to the cryassing from the gun crazies ....wait for it ....3:2:1 :)

Anonymous said...

To bad it was right during lunch. Made lunch sour. Why can't he just be a lame duck and move on?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone listen to him other than the golf course people that keep losing more and more seats in congress every year and more and more governorships every year?

Talk about womyn's health issues. Nothing is a bigger threat to a womyn's health, than not having access to a gun to protect themselves from the Bill Clinton rapist types.

Lets talk about the real womyn who had her brains stomped in by a convicted murderers in Syracuse the other day. Or lets talk about the illegal immigrant who shot a young woman on a pier because the sanctuary city did not notify immigration they were releasing him to kill innocent womyn.

You really have to wonder how people that support Obama can manage to remember to breath.

Anonymous said...

2:46 your ilk is on life support ,

You and your dinosaur brethern will be swept away in the up oming demograpic tsunami . The Trumpster and his hate filled screed is guaranteeing a win by the opposition .. Buh bye. You cynical old gun loving tool .

Anonymous said...

246.. You forgot another class of people... Morons like yourself who respect nothing other than yourself.. Lets talk about mental health issues and guns a little.. Woops sorry in your case never mind the guns lets just get you some help.. Guns are on their way out in America and the democrats are preparing to rule for eight more years.. In that term at least three supreme court justices will be named and the second ammendment will be changed forever.. How about talking about the militants that took over that reserve out west a little...Everyone thinks their cause is sick and so are they.. The government is even looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

To bad NO ONE seems to realize more GUN LAWS won't STOP The GUN VIOLENCE, we saw this in Chicago, New York, The gun show loophole doesn't exsist to the extent it's been portrayed as, More Laws Don't stop crime, recently A lot of hoods from Syracuse were released from Prison as there are considered Youthfull offenders.....Smart Move...

Ray said...

All the laws in the world won't keep a person from going down to China Town and buying a gun off the streets. Or the barrio. Or the lower side of any city. I watched this kid on You tube build home made guns. He made some real high powered pistols out of scrap metal. The new 3D printers can print every part of an AK. You can buy WW2 guns at shows that are rendered inop. Takes about two days to get the parts to fix them. I can go on and on. How does he fix that?

Anonymous said...

12:41 Teddy, keep wishing, she is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and our national security. Knowing you, you must have got all choked up when he called out himself me me me 76 times in his little speech and had those tears coming down his face. Next time you go to your doctor's appt. make sure you check the box that you may or may not be seeking mental health counseling or your wife or your children are or are not in unstable relationships with individuals you don't approve of. Under Obamacare I'm sure it's written by your party that doctors are forced to report to the Federal Government agencies that Teddy Ford is taking too many meds. and they are interfering with normal thought process. All is fair and you are A OK with the government knowing what meds. you might take for let's say high blood pressure, or meds. to assist you in sleeping and they may be viewed as you being weak minded. Teddy, why didn't Obama mention that he is going to disarm his secret service detail, or that his special counsel discontinue her secret service detail of uptowards 6 members round the clock.

Remember your history lessons Teddy, have your forgotten what happened to the Jews, the intellectuals, Poles, the undesirables under Hitler, Russians under Stalin and Lenin, millions and millions of people were slaughtered all because of some nutjob came to power and was able to influence people of your type.

The ones we should be very afraid of Teddy are people like yourself cause you will never lift a hand to help your neighbor and most likely you will be the first to run to the authorities to report whether a neighbor has a legal gun or not.

Wouldn't want to live next door to you, I think you yourself may have a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago, the issuers of the Noble Peace Prize admitted they made a mistake and should never have given Barry Soroto this prize.

Now wasn't Barry caught using a dead mans social security number?
If only the police had done their job putting Barry in jail for illegal drug use.

Ted, can you check in with Chris Matthews to see if he gets tingles up his leg, I heard those tingles stopped a bit ago. Obviously, at this point you might wish to get yourself checked out if you still Barry is capable of parting the oceans.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:42, the other professors in Chicago can't recall how many classes he actually taught, nor do they remember him having a class or office for hours for the students or even running into him. We haven't heard from any of his former students. Still sounds so fishy that he actually attended Columbia.

What other issues do you want the clown to focus on, the world is burning and in such turmoil and he wants to focus on all his enemies, especially elected Senatorial or Congressional individuals that defy him. The libtards depend on your type that you are so ignorant and you will never acknowledge how bad your life and your middle class earnings, net worth being devalued under Obama by 30%.

Yup, ignorant donkeys.

Anonymous said...

12:41 Hi Ted, I'm more interested in having our Congresswoman comment on Hillary Clinton's statement that when she becomes President she will be filling us in our what she knows, when she knew about our Alien Friends.

I would also like to see the Congresswoman seek a response and back an investigation into the allegations of Hillary's husband Bill and his relationship with Epstein. Don't you think it would be fair for us to know whether Bill was doing the 13 and 14's. while flying around in the private jet of Epstein. There had to be Sec. Service agents on these trips. Yes I would want her to endorse that all women should be believed about abusing our young daughters by these liberal minded men.

For that matter, I would think that the Black Lives Matter crowd and Al Sharpton should be incensed why Bill Clinton being white is being treated differently than Bill Cosby when it involves the abuse of women.

Doesn't this bother you Ted?

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Hardcore gun nuts (for those who prefer to use the label) just do not get it. Background checks work, cite:

FBI Background Checks (1998-2015): Reason and Number Stopped from Getting a Gun:

1. Convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year or a misdemeanor punishable by more than two years: 674,232
2. Fugitive from Justice: 137,505
3. Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence Conviction: 116,406
4. Unlawful User, Addicted to a Controlled Substance: 104,768
5. State Prohibition: 60,679
6. Restraining Order for Domestic Violence: 49,254
7. Under Indictment (various crimes): 31,754
8. Adjudicated Mental Health: 18,678
9. Illegal and Unlawful Alien: 15,326
10. Federally Denied Persons: 5,841
11. Dishonorable Military Discharge: 923
12. Renounced U.S. Citizenship: 66

Also, for all the hardcore GOPer-RWers, from your fav USSC Justice Scalia and his opinion in Heller clearly states that the right to bear arms had boundaries writing in part:

"Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."

He went to cite laws that prohibit the possession of firearms by felons, the mentally ill, or that forbid guns in places such as schools and government buildings, or impose conditions on their sale.

B/L: Hardcore gun nuts and the gun industry's mouthpiece, the NRA, who backs members of Congress are in a word too lame to know much except "they are coming for my guns." No, "they are not." Name one case where Mr. Obama or any DEM came and took "your" guns...

Tic toc, tic toc.

Anonymous said...

This is strictly a political move design to appeal to his left-wing base. It won't save a single live. In the meantime, the President is asking for hundred of millions of dollars in additional funding, money the country doesn't have. Aside from the added spending, the reasons to oppose this executive action is the fact that it moves us another step toward dictator ship. For example, if a Republican President is elected, a cry will go out to repeal Obamacare and other controversial programs by Executive Action, even if Congress doesn't agree. It'll be hard for Democrats to mount an argument opposing the action.

Regarding gun control, when the left realizes this action doesn't work, they'll take the next step and again the next step until they propose confiscation.

Instead of attacking law abiding citizens why not apply processes that have proven effective, such as stop and frisk? That program made a democratic impact on gun violence in NYC and since it has been rescinded, gun related deaths in NYC have increased by 11 percent.

Secondly, by releasing thousands of criminals is not going to reduce gun violence and most likely just the opposite.

Anonymous said...

the silence from gun owners is telling..being one,I don't have a problem with anything he proposed.Not believing it will make a big difference and thought he kind of milked his empathy stuff,but no problems with what he put forth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted. I'm glad you're doing well. It's nice, but not surprising, that you support the Liar in Chief's recent efforts to grandstand about guns. Most all of today's belch will do nothing to stop inner city violence or gun violence in general. And as a gun owner who respects our laws, none of this latest craze will effect me either. So, we did it again. We sold nonsense to people who know nothing of the laws already in place, and somehow think nice thoughts will protect you, your family, and your rights. Ted, drive to Chicago, or even South Syracuse, and check out the bros. Ask them if they know or care about the crying act staged by your president. Don't ask them if they plan to register anything or follow any laws, as they might think you're a cop, and shoot you. These same folks have been violating gun laws for generations, but I'm sure this latest BS will make them change their ways. Do you feel at all guilty about selling the lies your party seems so focused on?

No on to you, blessed golfer/12:42. You again offer nothing of substance to respond to. As far as gun rights people crying, sorry, but it was your beloved Liar in Chief who did the crying. It was a joy to see. Funny, he hasn't shed many tears about the hundreds killed in his home town. Reason, black votes are already owned. They are already counted and in the bag. So, you and yours pander to current hysteria. Again my duffer, the NRA ranks 76th in political contributions, far behind your favorite special interest groups like lawyers, teachers, government employees and others. 76th my good robot.

3,2,1 go. We expect to hear more crap from the most controlled mouthpiece of the Democrat party. (:)^^

Anonymous said...

One other thing, Ted. It matters not whether our Congresswoman supports Your King's moves or not. These are not laws, they are edicts issued by a dictator.
But you love him. He's the right political party. If he were a Republican, you would be singing a different song, just as our golfer would.

Anonymous said...

GASP! Thanks for the reminder 246. I understand that he wants to strip the military as well of weapons. All the better for his people to enter the country.

Anonymous said...

Always Nice to see Danny Chime in, to bad he wont call the HotLine or Glenn's Show, but Danny think about this Why is it we need more laws? Or should we just give in and let it happen, then the I told you so's will chime in........Tic-toc,,,,,,,,,What should be outlawed are people that sue schools and take money from children.....

Anonymous said...

As a CWP holder I applaud the presidents attempt to strengthen the laws of legal gun ownership, especially those pertaining to mental illness prohibitions. If we as a nation could get guns out of the hands of mentally ill people, we as legal gun owners would be under much less pressure from the Libtards.

There should absolutely be a national database with the name of every mentally ill and PTSD person in it. They should be prohibited from touching a gun, and there should be severe penalties for anyone who allows them to touch a weapon, including family members.

No law abiding citizen is attempting to stop mentally ill or dangerous people from possessing and/or using guns. Reading Moronic drivel from D. Francis is so absurd you would literally have to be excluded from gun ownership under Obamas new regulations if you think it makes any sense. He seems to be trying to make some form of connection between people who were prohibited from owning guns to people who are not prohibited from owning guns.

Or maybe he's contending that if you are prevented legally from owning a gun you are by definition a "gun nut" and if you are legally permitted to own a gun, you are by design a "gun nut" and are as such the same. So Danny Boy would than make you for example a pot smoking illegal alien like our current president or instead a serial sexual groper like your last boy in office. Aren't you all the same ?

Anonymous said...

9:47, there is no such thing as a CWP. If you are going to lie, at least do a bit of research beforehand. If you do have a permit for handguns, read it carefully. There is nothing on it that can be construed as a CWP. Me, I'm a good Democrat, love baby parts, think taxes are too low, want FreeStuff paid for by others, and believe global warming is the biggest issue since cormorants. Hey, 9:47, you started it.

As far as your repeated tic toc garbage mr frances, here's an answer. Connecticut did much like Benito, doing a registration for bad looking guns. They said it was just to know where they are, just as Benito told us. Now they are contacting people and attempting to confiscate them. Tic toc your lying butt. Throughout history, in nations from Britain, Australia, Nazi Germany, and the old Soviet Union, registration has preceeded confiscation. And Ted, well, I wish he had read a bit about the murder of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. First the Nazis registered, then confiscated, then shipped people off to the camps. With rifles only, they likely could not have defeated the Germans. But it sure would have been a different situation when the end game came. Do you think the victims would have taken a toll? I would think you would take a personal interest in such facts. You think because you are a trusted member of duh party, freedom issues like this will never effect you. The Jews in the ghetto didn't either. Golfer, just continue to ooze out whatever your party required you to swallow. You're a good man. You always do what you are told. Your promise to give us a rest from your baloney will last just as long as the Liar in Chief's deal with the Iranians. In fact, you're already back. Fine. We will be here for you.

Anonymous said...

10:01, you don't understand. Things like the holocaust and the Salem Witch Trials are behind us. Humanity evolved beyond that stuff from the olden days and now you can trust mankind to be nice and never do that stuff again. We are a bad nation and we put more people in prison than any other nation for no reason, but once we let them out, it will all be good. And don't cry to me about Duke lacrosse players because they deserved it for having strippers over. Especially the one that lied about being raped and then later got convicted of murder and is now is prison. We should let her out too. Give me your guns ! Okay?

Looky looky...21 comments all over the Liar in chief crying like the sissy he is.

Anonymous said...

We all need to send thoughts and prayers to our president that he will rescind these executive orders!

Anonymous said...

Well u r right i am on both the golf course and the ski hill frequently , my net worth is very ,very healthy and i am able to say with great concern our lives are fantastic , we worked hard , saved religiously , and still are doing quite well ....

So for you right wingnuts and other assorted crazies who worship your arsenels while preparing for your delusional armegeddon , i can only say. , you are in for more disappointment in 2016 .

The do nothing congress and the line up of screed spewing elephants will only serve to engender a donkey win, perhaps a landslide considering how the elephant has continually denigrated EVERY major constituency that it would need to carry the vote ,

.A donkey win doesn't thrill me either since i have a healthy skepticism of both parties ,but frankly i will still enjoy my life and the golf course and the ski hill while you will only continue to be the socially alienated , bitter , delusional paranoids that never deal with reality .

So lighten up , enjoy life, it s a short trip and that repressed guilt and anger you harbor will only shorten it for you.

You know who it is dude. said...

I see t all for what it was. The government will pretend new laws will do something. President has his moment on TV with a tear in his eye. I can still go buy an gun off the street in NYC, any city. Congress will fight over it. The House too. Gun companies will slip some cash into pockets. People will freak out and buy many new guns before the laws take place. That's the joke in all of it. The President just increased gun sales ten times or more with one little speech. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Golfer, skier, bon vivant, and professional PX shopper, all are glad you love government. We are also glad you are feeling well. If only you would mix a bit of political integrity into your life, and not barf out anything you are told to for the good of your party. As I see it, you love your party more than your country. This is the kind of thing that has led to many a nation's downfall. While you are enjoying life, think about this for a moment. I never understand how politicians can trade freedoms for law abiding people for votes from people who are just ill informed. I'm sure you could explain that to me.

Anonymous said...

No you continue to be wrong 11:01 i love golf and skiing and my family and country BUT i do NOT love EITHER DONKEY OR ELEPHANT parties ..

At best they are necessary evils and both are carbuncles on the posterior of progress and serve ONLY their graven masters the PAC's ,not the general populace

What is sad is that angry ,alienated and delusional folk like you actually BELIEVE the screed and sanctimony and propaganda they spew.

Anonymous said...

11:01. You are a laff riot!! "Political Integrity" omg too funny that my sorry friend is an OXYMORON , . As a matter of fact it is living testimony to just how much kool aid you have ingested. Your reading comprehension is also seriously challenged , i said . I had a healthy skepticism of BOTH parties .

Please educate yourself before you engage in a battle of wits for which you are unarmed 😉

Anonymous said...

Says the guy collecting a government pension, 11:01.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

9:35 - I have never ever sued anyone or any place in my entire life ... you libel and slander and defame me and my character and good name. That is directing you towards serious legal trouble ... the blog owner should know this too ... this is NOT a free speech issue ... it is defamation and slander and flat out lies.

Anonymous said...

And now we hear the golfer didn't sue the schools. Just like he didn't say "all Republicans are racist". No slander, although I can certainly understand your efforts to play that card. Please realize this. I'm your main fan, and I didn't write the post about your school lawsuit. But I did read about it in the WDT. Maybe they were lying. But it was a reported story. The racist stuff I heard myself. This is the kind of thing a mindless party line stooge says, and I will gladly remind you of that fact as long as you post. It really is ok to counter someone's opinion with that of your own. I still can't understand how a man who fought from freedom for so long has such an aversion to it.

4:48, sorry I labeled you a party liner. With your earlier post, I couldn't think of any other explanation. Oxymoron? Yes, with one party it really has ended up that way.