Sunday, January 17, 2016

NYP: Clarity in Race as Hillary Isn't Closing the Deal

      While the GOP debates get a lot of attention, a real showdown happens tonight in the Palmetto State between the three Democrats seeking the nomination for President.   Despite pronouncements of inevitabiity for Hillary Clinton, she continues to be dogged by Senator Bernie Sanders, an eclectic and unlikely nominee.
       Senator Sanders is surging again as the "I'm not Hillary" candidate and he is showing signs of not being such a push over in her presence.
       Secretary Clinton has a lot to lose tonight, but so far TV debates have been good to her.


Anonymous said...

Hillary has the Super Delegates and won't give them up this time. Only the FBI and Obama's Justice Dept. can stop her from getting the nomination. Race will be between an Establishment Democrat and an Outsider Republican. I wonder who our MOC will support.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Hillary Clinton Makes News:

On CNN 'State of Union' Hillary Clinton made News: by admitting that the Iran agreement, failed to curtail Iran's Missile program, and that she's concerned about Iran developing ICBMs that can reach USA. Left un-said by Hillary, the development of Multiple Intercontinental Nuclear Warheads, (MIRV's) is still an obvious possibility. Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'


Anonymous said...

You even have your own hashtag Mikie? Now that's classy...

Anonymous said...

She can't close the deal until the date of the primaries. In the mean time, crazy Bourney Madoff Sanders is having a wacky going out of business fire sale. Everything must go; tuition, healthcare premiums, everything ! His prices are so low you will think he is crazy !

Now, how Hillary gonna compete wit dat? How many cupcake generations have we raised and indoctrinated into buying into repeating the trip down this utopian road to fascism? Soon we will all be equal in poorness.

Just look at how many uniformed, naive, ignorant, idiots, support the popular vote for president, instead of the checks and balance limited govenrment we currently have protecting us from mob rule democracy. The fact that so many support that is a reflection of our failed education system and a predictor that Sanders' message is going to be very popular and Hillary must parrot his idiocy.