Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Day

   I did stay up to watch the ball drop last night (and the giant acorn that dropped in Raleigh). Other than that,aI bland New Year's Eve and I am watching Kelly and Michael right now, as I just got back from the gym.
     Not sure of the schedule today, but I assume the stores are open so maybe some more shopping. although I don't really need anything. I always like to pick up something when out of town for staff and close friends.
       My brother hasn't really achieved downsizing as he has boxes of tools, photo gear, software, hardware, old movies and other debris and paraphernalia of the Graham family. He tried to give me some of it, but I'd need to buy a new house to store it all.
       One item was a Volkswagen guitar I got as part of a promotion when I bought a Beetle in 2006. It's neat but what would I do with it ?
       The impeccably behaved JET has been a mischievous house guest here, leading me to believe she wants back on Pearl Street.  Not today though. I brought her old crate for a place to stay when I am out.
       The rain has stopped here and temps are in the 40s. I see its 32 back home.
        Happy New Year ! (for the last time)


Anonymous said...

How do you like the gym? I hear alot of good recommendations.

Anonymous said...

If you were in Raleigh, you could have cruised through Mayberry. You were really close.