Friday, January 8, 2016

More Jobs

    The monthly jobs report showed a whopping 292K jobs added last month, well above the projected 200K, and revisions to the previous two months add another 50K.  Wages were stagnant, and the jobless rate remained at 5%.
      Maybe this will calm all the China jitters for a day or two.


Max Volume said...

They always seem to add in the temporary seasonal help (Christmas) when these job figures come in as to paint a more rosy picture. I wonder just how many of those 292K are still employed?

ray lear said...

Okay some of you can say....Told you so.

Anonymous said...

95 million have found a way not to work. What a country.

otherwords1 said...

This is one of the most outrageous things happening in our country. We are really lied to by the "job reports" we hear on our media.
Most of you know that our state and national employment departments count a "job" as something someone does and is paid for, PERIOD.
What is NOT reported is how many of these "jobs" pay enough for the person doing them to pay the bills of his or her household WITHOUT the need for government subsidies. Subsidies which come out of our taxes.
I am NOT saying that people do not work hard for the money they earn. Those that have low paying jobs often have to work another so they can afford to pay their bills. In fact, often the lower the pay, the HARDER someone has to work to pay their bills.
What should be reported is how the Gap between the rich verses the middle and lower classes has expanded or shrank.
You see, the reported statistics are "approved" by government. THEY can control what reported and what is not. The laws made by the legislative branch of our government and the reports fashioned by the executive branch by these laws construct and direct these "reports".
In other words, POLITICIANS control what we hear in these job reports.
The word "jobs" is so distorted by what they DEFINE as a job. It is used to MISREPRESENT WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING in our economy. Remember, despite any drop in the stock market, the gap continued and continues today to widen between the rich verses the middle and lower class.
To report of the spread of the gap would inform us how much more power the rich have gained or lost to control what happens to our democracy. Locally, how much the rich people have gained or lost.
Remember high class is relative. What is high class here is middle class in Long Island, etc. But what is low class is definitely low in Long Island. In fact, many of the middle class people(defined by income) would be lower class there.
Don't be fooled by someone who makes a high class income here claiming to be of the "middle class".

Anonymous said...

There were only 11,000 jobs created in December, not 290,000