Monday, January 18, 2016


    I was talking to a businessman friend today and telling him about the Brew Ha Ha....He said it was an opportunity for an owner/operator, but that you can't have any employees because Governor Cuomo is not making that easy these days. Good observation.
    This is my third Monday in a row with no Council meeting to attend. There is no empty feeling. Amazing how quickly routines change.
     It's cold outside, but then I realized it's winter and it's supposed to be.
     Oops, I forgot I was supposed to stop at a friends house tonight....I am so not into commitment of late. I don't keep a schedule.
      And on the aforementioned Teachout candidacy, that would be a long shot given the district, but interesting depending on who the opponent is.  And if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination , he can stop by and stump for his state's native daughter.


Anonymous said...

Addie's in serious trouble heading into an election. Consider today's Times, staff turnover last week and today's campaign filing, which shows her with nothing in the bank--and a personal loan just to keep from going in the red.


2016 January Periodic Report Summary Page

Opening Balance $954.02
Contributions $3,800.00
Miscellaneous Receipts $900.00
Total Receipts $4,700.00
Total Expenses $5,515.15
Closing Balance $138.87

Report Date 01/19/16 04:01:33

Anonymous said...

The Brew Ha Ha site will never be resurrected. Too much competition with Star Bucks, D&D and now that Tim Horton's has saturated the market. $15/hr is has already killed any future business for that location. There just simply isn't enough room for expansion to the volume necessary to turn even a small profit. Outside of food service and pharmacies the drive thru model doesn't really pan out, and independent pharmacies are going out of style.

Might as well blow the roof off and have the city raze the place.