Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Last Time on TV ?

      When I was doing the "what are you doing now ?" interview for Brian Dwyer at Time Warner, I thought to myself this could be the last time I am on TV being interviewed, so I tried to be as animated as possible.
       While interviews and press calls are frequent when you are the accessible mayor, such a call would be a rarity now. No controversies.
         Of course I am still on the radio in a much more wide open format.
          Also Brian said he may call on me if he needs insight into a political story.  Got a pretty good batch of real world knowledge of Albany and local matters.


Anonymous said...

Need to change the name on Blog.
You are no longer Mayor Jeff Graham.

Maybe just plain Jeff Graham. LOL

Anonymous said...

You will always be there. Don't get the idea your fellow citizens will leave you alone. Not gonna happen Mr Mayor.

Anonymous said...

congratulations Mayor.
Everyone should ready the comment I posted regarding Ms. Macaluso and her rude comments on the "Tuesday" section of your blogger.
I think she owes the Dog park guy an apology.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Pass this story along to your media pals ... see if they will run with it... it's a sad story and give it to Ms. Stefanik, too:

VA Won't Help Vets Have Children Due to War Wounds (IVF procedure) While Congress Sits on Hands

Too costly Congress has said - okay - how much are legs, arms and other body parts and freedoms worth I wonder?

I hope you are as mad as I am ... this only affects a few thousand Vets ... costly. Ha I say: f**k the cost.

Clip on this is here, too - FYI

From PBS News Hour: At the 41:00 video mark.

Anonymous said...

And so humble too.

Anonymous said...

I'd normally agree with the sentiment Dannie puts forth re: the VA article, but at some point you have to prioritize, and the VA is already digging themselves out of a hole (some of which is self-inflicted, some of it due to simply the wave of claims coming in) Let's try it in this order, triage style: Breathing, bleeding... then way down the list, breeding.

Anonymous said...

Danny, I had a child through Invetro. Every single day I am greatful to have him. Although, I do not find it wise for a Vet with issues such as PTSD to go through the invasive procedure. I'm not a Veteran but I know first hand how emotional, physical, and financially draining the procedure is. One has to truly be of "sound mind" to go through such a procedure. It's just that simple! I was blessed, but it does come with consequences as it can in fact, cost you to lose a relationship.