Thursday, January 7, 2016

Klein Wants Another Privileged Class

       Senator Jeff Klein thinks home care aides do a great job and work hard. I suspect most do as caring for the sick and elderly is no day in the park.
      The Senator wants them to have  $15 minimum wage like fast food workers and plans to introduce legislation to that effect.
       The piecemealing of the wage issue by occupation is problematic. When and where do you stop ?
        We are on a slope to judging who gets the artificial crutch of government even more than we have in the past.
         I couldn't imagine being in Albany to take part in this debate.


Anonymous said...

Get some of these lazy Republicans up here that constantly vote against the minimum wage to look past their votes.. Ritchie has supported nothing that helps the poor people of her district.
Her gun lobby is limited and its about time she also started supporting some of the litigation supporting background checks and start calling the fanatics just what they are instead of trying to keep their vote.

Anonymous said...

And private pay just got more expensive. Let the seniors fend on their own is the real message because their families can't afford caregivers.

But what do the legislators care - they have their benefits and pension even if they commit an act of moral turpitude.

Anonymous said...

What else is there to say about it? Librul fascism wants to control the economy and control your lives. Socialism does have that one weakness in that it doesn't work without fascism, do to a motivation problem of those who get freestuff. Eventually it takes the jackboot thugs. Lucky you can still move south or wherever...for now.