Friday, January 22, 2016

Jeb's Mom to the Rescue

      The predicament he is in may be something only Mom can solve, but having Barbara Bush come out in favor of her son is sweet but likely not to help Jeb !
       Now there is talk of dusting off 43 to campaign in South Carolina, as Jeb Bush scrambles to be the default candidate for the establishment.


Esef Brewer said...

Basically Trump is going easy on Jeb for now, for now. Eventually Trump will reveal Jeb's inner sissy and his bat sh!t crazy t dad. Trump will Make America Great Again

Anonymous said...

Wait til Bloomberg enter this race , then he will eat the Trumpsters lunch , Jeb is done .

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg, really 11:50. Calm down. You golfers are getting more and more desperate.