Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guns Animating Voters in 2016....On Both Sides

       Investors and freedom lovers are rushing to buy guns and the stock in companies of the people who make them.  Smith and Wesson is on the rise.   All of this means guns and the SAFE Act will continue as an issue in 2016, not just in the Presidential race, but locally.
       Guns will have legs again in the local Assembly race, but it will play both ways as the Second Amendment goes against the angst and sadness over the many tragic events of recent years. /news/shares-of-smith-wesson-soar-on-rush-for-gun-buys/


Anonymous said...

So Presidente Obama just released his get out of jail pass to 6,000 convicted felons so they can get a second chance to grab all those illegal guns on our streets. You know we can't discriminate don't ya?

Results of A recent study/survey completed by Syracuse Univ. show a dramatic fall off of federal gun violence arrests under the O's administration since 2008, must be that he just wasn't that interested.

3,000 shootings in 2015 in O's hometown Chicago streets which resulted in 400 deaths. Mighty impressive numbers, so why doesn't he give his more accurate numbers in out of the 400 deaths in 2015 were the result of the ciminal element having posession of illegal firearms versus the killed that did not have legally owned guns to defend themselves.

Just asking the question the left refuses to answer or acknowledge.

It should scare the living daylights out of our former military for anyone that has or is currently claiming PTSD. The Feds have used and now are abusing your rights claiming you are too mentally ill to own now or in the future firearms to defend yourself from the very government you have chosen to defend.

Anonymous said...

The President yesterday had the gall to lump the terrorist act of San Berdineo where the DHS did not properly do it's job in vetting these fanatical muslim terrorists with the other tragic killings.

Shame on this President and his party that continue to depend on the stupidity of their fellow donkey herd.

Anonymous said...

8:32, don't add confusion to the golfers' thought processes. Their pants have tingles all over the place. Terrorism isn't the problem, it's law abiding people with guns. We will show them. Just puke out a few dozen unlawful edicts from the Liar in Chief and his little protégé, our proud Benito. None of this will have an effect on crime, but it will show the American people who is boss, as it were. 3,2,1..let's hear if from the emotional, panty driven crowd.

Anonymous said...

Hey party man, didja see that the guy who burned the mosque in Houston was just another muslim? How cool is that? Not much media coverage on that deal. I guess if it isn't joe six pack, with his gun, bible, and hatred of womyn it just doesn't matter with your mainstream media. I'm sure it doesn't matter to you.

Anonymous said...

10:40 I'm with you 100%. The libertards so concerned with naming members of Americans as mentally distrubed whether they have ill feelings towards the government, or how it's wrong or show signs of mental illness that when Benito issues his mad statements as to why in his view individuals of the right 'Conservatives have no place in NY'

All those people that choose to end their own lives with guns will find another source, cars, knives, ropes, drugs, lets outlaw Motrin, or any other over the counter pills, since a bottle easily mixed with liquor will do just as well.

Hope and Change for the Mad Man in the White to completely destroy our dear country.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the libtards put out this cartoon showing their ignorance of bullets?

Anonymous said...

GN, you could save yourself a lot of time by copying/pasting your posts to each story. Same tired language. .. blah golf course, blah blah puke, blah blah Liar in Chief, blah blah pant tingles, blah blah Benito. If you want readers to stay interested change it up, huh?

Anonymous said...

I understand, mr putter. I'm thinking about changing my posts to reflect mindless loyalty to the Liar in Chief. I could celebrate the price of baby parts, how losing our gains in the Middle East is really in our interest, losing Ukraine is fun, leaving a $19,000,000,000,000 debt to our kids is cool, and just because Benito is a power hungry egomaniac is no reason not to love him. Passing gun laws that only effect law abiding citizens is really fashionable, and I could cry a bit about that. I could tell you about how being weakened militarily is a great way to tell the world how sorry we are for our past. I could do that, but there's a golfer who works that job, full time. And I'm not here to make anyone interested. I'm here to keep people reminded of how far this nation has fallen. If we keep listening to FreeStuff folks, illegals, criminal, party line hacks, and golfers, we are finished. 6:51, this isn't the Kardasssian's. Whether you are entertained is not my concern. Actually, the fact that you took the time to write shows that you really are still listening to me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

9:21, you are bad like faux news. Dkos will set you straight. No baby parts were ever SOLD. The recipient just reimbursed the supplier for the "costs".

You might think that baby parts are free and therefor have no costs. And the labor/overhead to harvest them was already paid for by the profits from government reimbursements on other womyns health services. But you are forgetting about the most basic and important "cost" called...profit.

I'm thinking of opening a bar where I have no sales and I just have the customers "reimburse me for my costs". That way I have no sales tax, kind of like a tax free pension per se tick tock if you will.

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect if you believe 6:51 was Danny's response, but if it makes you feel better congrats.

Don't flatter yourself, believe it or not we do enjoy reading other people's thoughts. Yours are glossed over when repetetive. Only reminds me you write with a limited vocabulary.
The sky is constantly falling in your words. We get it, you're not happy with how the government is run, with particular emphasis on fun laws. But what else are you doing to make a positive impact around you?
Have a happy day, there's also lots to celebrate in life.

Anonymous said...

7:51, people like you claim no baby parts were sold. Yet PP went on record as saying they would cease the practice. You say they were simply reimbursed for costs. Why is it they said live brains were worth more than dead ones? Is that a cost consideration? Which is it? Pick one, stick to it. Shelly Silver didn't SELL influence either. People just gave him money because they liked his hat. You're such a dumbass. One can only hope you and your family love the "procedure". We have enough dolt in the world.

It was our golf pro, 8:08. Either that or it was one of his worshippers. ):../>