Friday, January 15, 2016

Glens Falls Brew Pub bans tipping; take a poll - Table Hopping

   Banning tips in favor of a flat 18% surcharge to be distributed among servers is the plan of a brew pub in Glens Falls. It is said to be a reaction to the fiddy percent hike in the minimum server wage.    If it's distributed evenly, how is that done. Pro rata based on hours worked ?  Of course, people will still pass dollars to staff, so how is that taken into account ?  Well, it isn't as cash is king.
Now there is likely customer blowback to the surcharge notion.

      You could raise prices, pay $15 and ban tipping, but the tip entitlement culture in so ingrained, it would be hard to hold on to workers.  Would the surcharge be subject to sales tax...Would the redistribution  be subject to FICA on both ends.
       Then again it depends on how sensitive your clientele is to a price hike.  Lot to think about before changing the paradigm.
avidson Brothers bans tipping; take a poll - Table Hopping


Anonymous said...

The only fair way would be to prorate it based on how much cleavage was showing multiplied by the average 1-10 rating a customer would rate her attractiveness after consuming two drinks.

Anonymous said...

Brew pubs are successful for the same reason Starbucks is successful, i.e they charge exorbitant prices for the same product you can get somewhere else for a lot less money, and a certain clientele will pay it.

Because few who go in a brewpub really care about money (or even taste for that matter) a few extra percent tacked onto their bill won't affect their purchasing decisions. But it's not going to happen in a regular establishment.

Brew pubs are about "see and be seen", not quality and value.

Anonymous said...

What if you persuasion is skewed toward your own team? If there is no alcohol involved, those servers are in big trouble. Otherwise, it may encourage over-serving. In which case the JeffCo sheriffs are all in.

Anonymous said...

LOL @1111

Anonymous said...

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