Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Florist Takes Charge of the County Leg

      County Legislators gathered at Pete's on Tuesday to celebrate the election of a new chair.  Scott Gray will lead the 15 member flock. Chairman Gray is a business owner and has a firm grasp on finances although the meteoric growth in county spending since I was a young newsman continues to amaze.
       Are we really a welfare magnet ?  It seems like no one is allowed to answer that question.


Anonymous said...

Sales tax increase to 15% with a carnation in it, by gosh!

Are there no others interested in leading the local politicos?

Bring back Justin!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have an honest florist than a lying community organizer.

You know who it is dude said...

Jeff , you need to go for one of these seats. Good money, perks.