Thursday, January 28, 2016

Editors Not Needed

   There's a new personalized local news service from Apple TV....Called Watch-Up, it allows you to choose the type of news you enjoy and the slant you want to receive and then a news product is put together for you using a variety of sources.....
    Gone are the gatekeepers....the Perry's...the Scotty's.....Those deciding what you need to know. It's the ultimate in vanity....making sure the news you get buttresses your preconceived notions, instead of someone else's notion.


Anonymous said...

How bout Apple 1240 am?
Imus is great, hotline is good, Clark Howard is a nice man, then it just goes horribly downhill

Anonymous said...

Any kind of news would be welcome in the Ogdensburg Journal.. What happened to that paper? Its become a rag full of old news bi-weekly.. Cant keep any help with it for over a year.... I can see this rag closing