Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Donald Trump 2016 endorsements: He doesn't deny Sarah Palin will be his 'special guest' at rally - POLITICO

           Is Sarah Palin endorsing The Donald ? Does it matter ?

            It's the buzz and the fact that Governor Palin had backed Ted Cruz in the 2012 Senate race. If it is a Palin endorsement, that's a plus if for no other reason than Mr. Trump dominates another news cycle.

            Sarah Palin also still has a following and the respect of many, even though the establishment looks at her with disdain.  But the establishment is out of favor this year.

Donald Trump 2016 endorsements: He doesn't deny Sarah Palin will be his 'special guest' at rally - POLITICO


The milk is sour. said...

Trump needs the Bush Family, Nancy Regan, and much more to be legit. We all at this point know he wants to be the man on the REP line. It's not hard to think he could win. But we need the reasons we want him to win. We don't have that. I have no reason to want the man in the White House. I have no reason to want Cruiz. I don't want Hillary. It's easy to say there isn't one person I want for the job. We are sour from eight years of Limbo.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is exactly like Donald Trump lots of teeth and a liar. Who cares what she says not America.

hermit thrush said...

"A blowhard celebrity running a bizarre campaign exploiting people’s worst instincts? That’s Sarah Palin’s kind of guy."


Anonymous said...

A Bush family endorsement would be the kiss of death for anyone seeking the GOP nomination. I expect that the Bush family will do whatever they can to elect their adopted sister in-law come November. It is all about money and how much the Clinton and Bush families can accumulate.

Anonymous said...

3:11 And we don't want another eight years of Bill's bimbos. I know the guy is aging fast but there is another girl from Billy's college days that Hilly took to the woodshed.

Per Linda Tripp there are thousands he has bedded. All the while Hillary turned her cheek.

And to think the libtard females want to take Bill Cosbys Presidential Medal award from him. So sad these gals can't quite call out Billy for being a sexual predator.

Anonymous said...

Who exactly is Nancy Regan?