Monday, January 25, 2016

Dicker: Does Andy Need a Trump Win for His Own Ambtions ?

    Dicker muses today that Governor Cuomo has tired of the "small ball" world of Albany politics and fancies a national run in 2020 if only the Democrats lose the White House this year.
    Mr. Cuomo, who this weekend helped pull a snowbound motorist out of a ditch, is said to be tired of NY politics and wants back in DC. 
   Dicker reports if Hillary Clinton wins, Mr. Cuomo would likely not seek another term in 2018.


dajeep said...

That wonderful guy Handy Andy helping a motorist, just another photo-op like Chuckie. How far are the winch and cable out of the picture?

Anonymous said...

Truth be known he has utter contempt of the loyalist small minded local supporters. Not the brightest bulbs in the room Addie, Little Carl, Junie, Teddy, Deede & Hubby

Duo Cuomo and Gilly are dying to get back to the establishment inner circle. Does not matter to any of these people whether they follow the corrupt individuals, all for the party.

Talk about being used, now who is are the dumbsh##s!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo depends on the Stupidity of the NYS Donkeys, as always the Black Lives Matter have voted in line and met all the whitey Elitist Dem. Leaders demands for over 60 plus years. Racist Shelly an Orthod. Jewish guy from NYC was the most racists of all but he knew how to play the women and the Black Lives Matter crowd like a fiddle. Addie, how many years did Shelly tell you he would get that 10the plank to abort as many black babies all the while his legal counsel was caught dropping pills in the girls drinks, aka Michael Boxley, where is he now, why I believe he still has his lisc. to practice law in NYS.

Aubertine, Scovozza, June, Ford, Addie all cut from the same cloth and true party line stooges, bow to the NYC corrupt pols. but they each have pleasant pensions to live comfortably for life.

How many are collecting NYS pensions all the while the slaves keep rowing and ask to be fed only a little.

Do you think any of them have any conscience, I don't think so, just pigs at the trough.