Monday, January 18, 2016

Dem Debate Sets Up Decisive February

     As we wait for votes to be cast, the latest Democratic debate is evidence Hillary Clinton is hearing footsteps from Senator Bernie Sanders.  The pair went after each other last night in SC.
     If Secretary Clinton holds Sanders off in Iowa and NH, it's over, but if she stumbles, names like Biden and Warren will be in the fore.


Anonymous said...

Geeze, I don't see to much diversification here. Old white hiding some medical issue Hillary, Confirmed Socialist Sanders ollllld white, O'Mally, white likes to flaunt his abs former Mayor of Baltimore the 2nd city on the hill of love, where all black lives matter.
And we have Olllllld late 70's to much handys likes to ge his jollies feeling up women whenever the chance arises, and Warren, ollld white in her 70's.

At Billy boy's latest schtick in Iowa promoting the good wife Hilly Billy is exhibiting onset of Parkinsons. His response is was this is attributed to aging.

WTF else are these two hiding? Can any of these individuals gracefully exit the stage.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"The (D) Pres. Primary has evolved from a coronation, with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman in on the fix, to a competitive race; soon to be an ugly rejection of Clinton-ism. Democrat voters have seen to many bad reels play over time, that frame Clinton's in corruption and deceit." Mike Flynn 'Middle class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Feel the Bern !!!! He ate ole Hillys lunch last nite !! OMalley looked like the JV kid trying to play Varsity ball.

Bernie got undet the witches nerves and thouroghly wee weed her off ..too funny !

Anonymous said...

They're both hiding their numerous Chapter 11 bankruptcies 713.
Oh wait, that's not any of the old white haired Dems...
That'd be the FORMER Dem with the orange hair.

Anonymous said...

The fix is still in.