Friday, January 15, 2016

DCCC begins robocalling against Stefanik in NY-21 - Capitol Confidential

   Who listens to robo calls?  They are so 80s. 

DCCC begins robocalling against Stefanik in NY-21 - Capitol Confidential


Anonymous said...

Interesting response from the Republicans. Blaming the Dem candidate for this is nonsense. He doesn't have any control over what the Dem Party Committee does. No different if the RCCC or a PAC makes the same calls on Stefanik's behalf.

Anonymous said...

It was "Big Money " that put her in office and it will take even more money to get rid of her in the election.

Didn't vote for her in last election or will I vote for her in the next election. Voting against Planned Parenthood and Pell Grant funding is just wrong and uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Why are we not surprised.

Rep. Stefanik infuriates the left and progressive male types within the party, like this candidate since she exposes how weak kneeded they are.

Fascinating that the males in that party that have the most anger towards her are White, Privileged, old men. College educated men in the 50-60's range, like Owens, Mikey, Danny, Ford.

This is funny.

Anonymous said...

9:16 I found your response quite interesting.

Just this week, the little attack dog Chelsa Clinton that the press and the party have built up over the years as being so sweet and kind got her first moment to slam Bernie Sanders and her mother sits and applauds little Chelsa for supporting the crime family.

The Dems. are furious that anyone favoring Bernie that Chelsa came out the way she did.

There is now a call to investigate darling Chelsa's emails to and from Mommy's staff while she worked for the Clinton Foundation to see how involved she was with the play to pay scheme they had going on.

No different if the DCC or pacs make calls on behalf of Chelsa's behalf either, but yes there is.

Anonymous said...

There no Dem candidate at this point. Hopefully there will be primaries in both parties.

Anonymous said...

9:16, it's always good to hear from the party lines stooges.

Anonymous said...

Here is my take, this is just a probe by the DCCC to verify how awful the candidate is. I believe the election filing reporting is due to come out, they most likely have the dismal #'s from the head of the county chairs,once the DCCC gets the unsatisficatory results from the robocalls, lights out and no forthcoming money they can spend more wisely.

Junie O'Neil & Ted Ford can confim this. Dan you could have been a contender.

Anonymous said...

I'm a registered GOP and I always hang up, thus far have received them from Paul, Huckebee, Cruz, Carson.

They are pretty much worthless, but still the least expensive to keep a name out there.

No wonder they the DCCC did not wish to spend in money the district now that we gained it back.

Not even going to be close.

Just wish the county chairs were more honest with the newbie to NY

Anonymous said...

One more advantage to dumping the land line and going wireless. Best decision i ever made.

Anonymous said...

Good to see there's still quite a few dirty old gop men on here complaining. :D

These robocalls are no different than what the rep PACs did attacking Matt Doheny.
God forbid anyone makes an honest comparison our darling Elise! But since it's the dem committees doing it and not the reps it's a freakin conspiracy.

Wahh... Keep crying fellas...

Anonymous said...

Anyway you look at it the Dem. candidate, honestly who I can't even visually picture has already lost. The candidate can't endorse the soon to be indicited Hillary, the avowed Communist Sanders or even the failed policies of the Bamster. What's a Democratic candidate to do.

Any issue that he has to align himself with the Democratic failed talking points regarding National Security or militarily he will be clobbered.

The issues that I had most with the last candidate, that guy from the city was where was he for the past 5 years? Never could he answer any questions that were at least remotely relevant with todays issues. Seems like here we go again, the Dems. putting up a false candidate but what or where has he been at least the last five years. Is that too much to ask? How can the Dems. think they can have another go at the voters.

10:36 Have to agree with you, if the Dems. are making this a white privilege, black lives matter, no support for local or state policing election issues they better be careful and not back individuals that represent everything they have issues with.

Guess the Dem. candidate hasn't figured out he is going to be used as a placcard holder & thrown out with the baby bath water, the DCCC won't care how much money he personally lost.

Bet a buck that is how the last guy from the city felt when it was all over.

dajeep said...

Robocalls- caller ID is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Your comparison makes no sense @1042. Unless little Chelsea is a running for a congressional seat? Nice try though.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I posted this earlier but it did not make the cut .. so here goes again -- I think it needs to be said:

Startling news: Only the DEMS, DCCC or DSCC make robocalls!!... I never knew that (smile). How about dropping Ms. Stefanik a note or sending an email or phone call -- and bingo: you get put on her mailing list with no end in sight... prove I'm wrong.

But, I digress: This response is weak and comes from her office based on, I guess more fear and anger; not sure which. Her office mouthpiece said this, and I can punch holes in that right away this way - that is if facts matter:

DCCC Call: "Elise Stefanik might say one thing in upstate New York, but she is cut from the same cloth as the rest of the House Republicans in Washington." (I would note that statement is very accurate).

Her Office Says: "We refer requests for comment to the NRCC." (WTF: She wants the NRCC to answer for her). Ouch...

Her spokesman Chris Pack called the DCCC call an attempt to distract from Democratic candidate Mike Derrick’s saying in part: "…support of Obama vetoing a bill that provided paychecks and pay raises for Fort Drum soldiers, funding for programs to help victims of sexual assault and education funding for children of military personnel. Luckily, Elise Stefanik worked in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that Mike Derrick and Barack Obama did not get their way."

Whoa - nice try Mr. Pack: but now the facts:

1. President Obama exercised his veto power recently only for the fifth time in his presidency saying he was rejecting the NDAA bill for 2016 because:

a. The way it would sidestep budget limitations for the military, and
b. Because it would restrict the transfer of detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay to super max in CONUS.

In short the GOP tried to blackmail Mr. Obama into signing the original bill (sign it or veto options only), which he vetoed as the GOP knew full and well they could not over ride it and then they passed a 2-year deal which is darn good, which they should have in the first place.

Blaming Mr. Obama for his actions while the GOP forces those actions is pretty low-down and underhanded ... but as they say (that's politics), right? Yeah, it is and that is precisely what the problem is, too in DC.

BTW: We have tried and convicted and now have over 400 terrorists in super max facilities in CONUS ... the that system works, but the GOP doesn't trust it ... what a novel philosophy.

So, go ahead and blast me for this post. I'm fair game as we know, but know this opinions are okay, but facts are stronger.

Anonymous said...


Your opinions also taint your facts and tend to provoke angry rebuttal. I do appreciate your facts.