Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cuomo proposes $300M in tax cuts for small businesses | syracuse.com

      Some small tax baubles for small business are being dangled by the Governor on a minimum wage jihad that's got small business owners everywhere worried.

       I was talking to one eaterie owner today, who uttered the forbidden mantra that the only way to survive is to cut corners and find ways to deny Andy all he wants.  That's the kind of talk that brings the jack booted thugs to your door.

     Cuomo proposes $300M in tax cuts for small businesses | syracuse.com#incart_river_home#incart_river_home


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny. Last week he tells every small business in the state that he is going to bankrupt them, and this week he tells them they will have less taxes to pay on their profits. You almost can't make this stuff up. He must be mentally ill.

Ima said...

Let's see, 298 million dollars for a million businesses. That's an average of $298 per business. Might even cover their increased payroll for a day. Thanks Easter Bunny!