Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cuomo, Biden, rally for family leave act - Capitol Confidential

     This is hard to believe in the halls of power, but a lot of employers go out of their way to accommodate family issues with employees. I saw it when I worked at FX. I have seen it with other employers and I try to do what I can to help employees, especially good ones.
     So now Andy, Joe and the gang want at new family leave law to go with their $15 wage.  The mom and pops, small business in general...who pays for all this and more ?
     We are the lowest pay area in the state for a reason. The economy won't support the life Andy wants for us all.
            Cuomo, Biden, rally for family leave act - Capitol Confidential


Ima said...

It's just crazy to think how radical these guys are. Hillary and Bernie have the same agenda. Who do they think they are to demand that one person should give money to another for not working? Oh wait, that pretty much sums up the lefty loons.

Anonymous said...

10:01, You don't even begin to sum up the lefty loons:
They hate white people.
They hate men the most.
But they hate babies more and want to abort them up to 9 months in the womb.
They hate rich people and want to confiscate their money, even if they don't have a place to spend it yet.
They hate freedom the most of all.
They hate religions, except for Islam and Muslim terrorists.
They hate when black thugs get killed when they are committing crimes unless it is other black people killing them.
They hate cigarettes and beer but love illegal drugs.
They hate freedom of speech, unless it involves a crucifix in urine.
They hate enforcing laws agaisnt violent criminals and instead want to focus on seat belt tickets, illegal fences and illegal signs.

Anonymous said...

10:41 & 8:14 You are forgetting who really is behind these men. Our own progressive Gillibrand, remember her "why it will just take a few more cents to enact this needed reforms" and of course employers are required to institute these laws whether you like it or not, cause she says so.

Remember who she is a man hater that wants to see our our young men charged with sexual assult if they spurn what Gillibrand sees is the right of women to call anyone out for sexual assult years later.

Gillibrand is minnie me to Hilldabeast, god help us if Hilly is not indicited before the election.

Anonymous said...

You left out THEY absolutely LOVE to laugh at mentally unhinged and delusional morons like yourself that believe everything FoxTard nation tells them.

Anonymous said...

8:14, I’m a republican and I would appreciate it if you would stop embarrassing my party with your mindless stupidity!

Anonymous said...

10:12, I am a democrat and I would appreciate it if you joined our party since you obviously believe in all the things a good republican said above about us.