Saturday, January 16, 2016

Creative Thinking Can Turn Lemons into Lemonade

A look see on that new fangled Internet will show the exciting opportunities around arena concession operations. While Watertown is not Houston, some of the same flare and innovation can be adapted locally, with outside the box thinking.
   In the finite world of purchasing and lawyering, it may seem as simple as putting out a bid document, like you are buying boxes of copy paper.
     There are so many variables as the goal should be to make an improved facility more than just a less smelly version of what was there. It should be better and more of a destination where events big and small end up.
     There's a lot of leverage the city has, beyond just letting out the fright headlines about a $200K alteration or the cost of hiring an overseer.
      I'd be looking at the deals you can cut with Big Soda for equipment and use ad space in the facility as part of the deal. It's a premier location and they like that. Even naming rights.
    So many people have come forward with ideas since news stories about the topic. I have referred a couple names to officials so they can talk to people outside the usual suspects.
     This is a challenge calling for a can-do attitude.


Anonymous said...

How about selling the pouring rights to the arena????????

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just bid on it and show us how its done?
I heard J-Spaz-Z talking on your show about how it should be done. I think he mentioned lobster Mac n Cheese as a menu option. Nothing personal but he is not exactly batting 1,000 in the business venture world series and this ain't Rochester.

You guys got it all wrong. It doesn't need to be brought up to "the next level", it needs a basic core menu with a system that can turn out consistent "passable" food and is simple enough that Archie and Veronica can work there with little oversight. Its got to start with frozen food. That way the highly elastic sales volume can be accommodated. Fountain deals are not that complicated. There are two companies. let the operator ask them for bids when the time comes or better decision is to sell cans of soda from Sam's Club and make way more money. When you count cups, lids, CO2, straws, ice, and waste on all of those items, plus the overpriced syrup, the packaged soda is the best bet unless you get national fast-food pricing. And you definitely don't.

What ever happened to the bagelicious popcorn n more people? They had a knack for coming up with the right process.

Anonymous said...

I think the arena should be named after Tom and Irene. For free.

Anonymous said...

No shot at all in being profitable. This was a disaster since day one and the "voodoo" numbers that parks and recs reported are so laughable everyone knows the real reason why no one, including them, wants to run this. Where are the customers? Why not just go to Colemans or the Fairgrounds after you skate?? The only reason anyone would want this is to poor beer at the two major concerts that MAY take place there. that will remain to be seen. Staking the future to two or three concerts or a semipro hockey team that may or may not exist a year down the line was at best..shaky. Restaurants go out of business it seems weekly. Food "concessions" is just a neat little perk to have at a facility. It is NOT a viable business and unless you can get Aramark or a pro like that in here, you have no shot.