Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Council Throws a Burger on the Grill

   City Council has wisely decided to equip the Arena concession stand with appropriate equipment. A vision (hate that word, but it's needed here) needs to be developed and there are people who have been in the industry who I am sure would offer suggestions.
A Rendering of a Concession Stand Before It's Built
     Things like layout, cutting the right deal with Big Soda for fountain equipment, a proper POS system, signage, menus, and method of operation. I'd make sure to involve DOH in this as you want compliance from the beginning.
      The long view is important on this one as this is a facility that will be there for generations.
       At last night's meeting, Mayor Butler stepped up and took responsibility. That was the right thing to do and this is a case where Council will have to assert itself and be involved even if the wags say it's micro managing. Councilwoman Macaluso also supported the spending.
        One way to segregate the value of the facility would be financing the improvements through a loan with the WLDC and making the vendor (if they insist on going outside) make the payments during their time of operation, 
       It's really about not just finances, but providing the best service and product to users over the long run.  Let's hope Council action is a step in that direction.


Anonymous said...

Micro-managing? Hardly. It looks like there was no-managing on this aspect up until now. Way to cover the same ground many times over.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound wise to me. The main thing this will do is allow novices like yourself to bid on it without having to reach a hand into their own pocket. A professional outfit like Canteen Dining Solutions would do a much better job at selecting equipment, menus and layout. They would not bat an eye at buying their own equipment.

The big thing that stops someone from buying their own equipment is that the city hasn't offered a long term contract. Apparently because they are afraid someone will make some money and they won't. Well, the simple solution to that is to charge a minimum rent plus a percentage of sales.

The other big reason that no one has offered to bid and equip the place, is that the city has done a lousy job at seeking bids from professionals.

The only conclusion I can make is that the city wants a local novice to run the place. I hope that makes someone happy, but it sure won't make the patrons happy.

Anonymous said...

This project was a mistake since day 1. Mr. Butler had the right idea by voting against it in the first place. Not enough users. And, the initial predictions of overruns have certainly come through. Also, you don't need fountain drinks. Save on cups, straws, etc...and put 20 ouncers in there. Just a thought. Easier and cleaner. Let's keep the palace clean.

Anonymous said...

And the mismanaged project continues to cost us taxpayers money. Did anyone actually look at these plans before they voted on it?
Parks and Rec will bankrupt this city before its over

Anonymous said...

What a mess. Why doesn't Parks and Rec just run the darn pretzel stand themselves? Provided space with to an exclusive yet periodic customer base just doesn't turn a profit at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

The people outside the city cried to the council for this monster 10 plus overruns project that the majority of city residents thought was not needed at any price and they alone have to pay for. All Major projects in the future should be voted on by city taxpayers and NOT COUNCIL MEMBERS.

Anonymous said...

That's it? That's all there is to the food service area of this 10 million dollar beast? We paid $700,000.00 to have this designed?
The engineering company staff must be sitting on a beach somewhere laughing their high dollar asses off.

Boces could have done better than this with a set of plans scribbled on a napkin!

ray lear said...

Where is there a mess? The place needs food! Just that easy. It doesn't work as is, so it needs fixing. I mean does anyone really want it to fail? Is anyone that happy when it doesn't work? I know people around town who can't wait to go there next year and see a hockey game. The place won't pay it all back in one year, and Da we knew it. That's why they took out a long term loan. I don't have the extra cash to buy the equipment. But some of the biggest yelling about the project comes from people who could easily chip in. The joke would have been to just shut down all entertainment over there and give up. Don't let anyone fool you sitting down at City-hall. They are all patting their collective backs, including Mayor Butler. Good for them.