Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cable News Is Almost Exclusively Watched by Old People

   And we vote...The interesting part is the average FOX News viewer is 67.

able News Is Almost Exclusively Watched by Old People


Anonymous said...

That's too funny.
Gawker links to a NY Times article.
And a Google search yields this about what's black & white and red
"Total average print circulation for The New York Times was 625,951 for Monday-Friday and 1,147,892 for Sunday. These figures represent declines of -6.8% and -5.2% respectively, when compared to the same period last year."

Meanwhile, Fox news enjoys 1.8 million young viewers per day.
So Fox news has THREE times as many young viewers as NYT's has total readers, of all ages combined.

Anonymous said...

Its simple.. I guess anyone younger than that is not capable of understanding.

Anonymous said...

6:13, young people are now dead. They can only walk around staring at their phones.

Ima said...

We raised a generation who prefers to get their news from Facebook memes.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I (he's 31 and I'm 30) are avid FOX news watchers. It saddens me that this generation he and I are lumped into is so apathetic.

Anonymous said...

NO, 11:51, you have it wrong. I'm over 60, and I'm very happy there are people out there like you and your husband. Party loyalty is what has gotten us into this mess. People have strong feelings about things they know nothing about. You are our hope for the future. Don't ever get discouraged.

Anonymous said...

The younger generation gets their news and political directions from comedians like Jon Stewart, Tina Fey and Jimmy Kimmel or far left musicians.
Todays young voter doesn't seem capable of seeing through the cheap shots and half (or less)truths they are fed by these clowns just for a laugh and to get viewership and ratings up. The Leftist's are using this medium well to further their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Oh get over yourselves,!! Get in the real world will you ?

Streaming news and electronic journalism is here to stay , i am 72 and refuse to wait for newspapers or any thing as SLANTED as FOX news or msnbc. Et al .

I read a variety of sources electronically and use my god given intelligence to DISCERN ,EVALUATE and formulate my opinions .

Think for yourself there is NO SUCH THING AS a TOTALLY OBJECTIVE news source ...they ALL SPIN their agendas whether , elect:onic , print , radio or tv media .wake up

Anonymous said...

Amen 849. With that concise comment this thread should be closed.