Tuesday, January 19, 2016

British Folly

    The danger of political correctness is when taken to its logical conclusion, you can make an entire nation and ally look foolish.  The Brits are debating banning Donald Trump from the UK because of "hate speech". At issue his proposal for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration due to terror fears.
    A petition  has forced Parliament to consider the matter and lawmakers are reluctant to take such action so far. They should be. It's foolish, especially since their own PM has suggested Muslim women be compelled to learn English or leave.


Anonymous said...

Laws against hate are hateful in themselves.
What could be more hateful than banning a person from your country temporarily because of the religion they believe in? Banning a person because of the politics they believe in.

Lets face it, it isn't the hate they care about, it is the person they want to use the law against whom they hate and want to hurt.

Anonymous said...

Twas not so long ago the world was in shock when one or two Muslims beheaded a English solider wearing his uniform casually walking on a sidewalk. The people just simply stood by and there was no police to defend the poor solider. Had they come they would not have been able to defend themselves.

The soliders were told to be observant and careful when they are out and about because Muslims might be offended since they might find the uniform offensive.

Like here soliders are not allowed to carry arms and defend themselves from the very evil we ask them to go abroad to fight.

They are now entire neighborhoods/communities where the Muslim refugees have take over. Rapes often occur and are not reported or investigated.

What hypocrites but we must be culturally sensitive to these 5th century animals or so the social UN human Rights of the UN say. I wouldn't think Merkel of Germany could ever get this discussion going with her Aryan people at this time,the planned rapes of german women on New Years Eve. First animal is being tried right now as we continue to put our heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

All this is because of one babe who is a member of parliament. Any member can initiate a move like this, and the body is required by law to debate it. We have many fruitcakes here, so we should be understanding.

Rug Daniels. said...

We hate hate. Just hate it.

Max Volume said...

Conservative talk show radio host Michael Savage has been banned in Briton for a few years now because he also speaks the truth. Find his show "The Savage Nation" on your radio dial and give him a listen. You can also take a peek here:


Anonymous said...

The U.K. Is way worse than the U.S. when it comes to coddling Muslim's.

While I was in the UK in 2004, the UFEA championship (soccer thing) was going on. Taxi drivers wanted to show their English pride by flying little England flags on their cabs. They were banned from doing this, because some idiot politician thought it might bring back memories of the crusades, and cause Muslims distress.

Just last year a member of the Royal Air Force, who was injured during training and was in uniform, was asked to leave a hospital waiting room so he wouldn't cause distress to "others" waiting for care.

This is why I like the Trump. Tells it like it is, and no political correctness BS.

Anonymous said...

What a shock that a monarchy is against free speech and the expression of ideas,they are afraid of that,and why we kicked their tea drinking asses out of America..