Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bar Owner To Get $188K Bill To Tear Down Building | WWNY TV 7

     Talk about a bad break in life....something you can't really recover from. You own an uninsured building that is ordered taken down for safety reasons.
     The building housing the Bull Tavern on West Main Street will leave its owner with a $188,000 bill, and no way to pay it.
      The building became unstable Monday  during strong winds that ripped off the roof and sent bricks flying.
      The road and sidewalk has been closed since the incident.  I suspect the City will seek a civil judgment against the owner.

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Anonymous said...

Would the court find in favor of the city? They could have secured the building for a lot less than #188k if they wanted to and given the owner time to cure the defect. Must be anything on the north side of Black River isn't worthy of being saved by the building huggers.

Anonymous said...

Looking on google street view you can see what appears to be a rubber roof just hanging over the parapet without being properly secured.

Maybe the city will pay the owner for not inspecting the roof with a proper duty of care. Or maybe the roofing company will pay the owner for installing a roof in a way that allowed a hurricane to get under it and make it into a sail boat.

Anonymous said...

Where are the ambulance chasing lawyers?

I would not want to be the Title Company, or Bldg Dept./Code Dept. Inspector.

The insurance company wouldn't have paid for it anyways since there would be a claim of an act of god. although I would think that wording has somewhat changed over the years.

We all need to check our insurance policies.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I see a good argument to have the roofer's insurance pay for this:

"Figure 35. Continuous bar near the edge of edge flashing or coping. If the edge flashing or coping is blown off, the bar may prevent a catastrophic progressive failure."

Anonymous said...

He's gonna get a bill from the oil change place too..

Anonymous said...

Why in the world doesn't the city have a builder do an estimate on repairing the roof, then ask the owner if he would like to work out a payment plan for the job? The JCDCDLCVBAI can lend the money for the project at a reasonable rate (rather than embark on their pipe dream to Europe where they are apparently not going to tell prospective companies that NY is on the verge of pricing themselves out of the business industry with Couomo pay).

Meanwhile back home the building will be back on the tax roles and if the owner defaults, the building get sold to someone else. Unless the building is trashed it would be a much better investment to fixit, than knock it down.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time the building was inspected by the city?

Deteriorating conditions should have been noted and dealt with before it came to demolition and another property off the tax rolls

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:21.

there doesn't seem to be termination bar installed at the top edge of the rubber roof. It looks like the rubber was just badly glued over the parapet edge.

This action seems to be 'selective enforcement' by the city. There are many other buildings in this city as unstable (or worse) and they still stand. So much for the city caring about the 'little guy' or small business. City - nice way to financially ruin a person for life.

(perhaps another good reason to bring back the city annual fire inspections ... deteriorating problems could be discovered and corrected before disaster happens!!!)

The owner should have been able to decide how to proceed. The city personnel didn't go above the 1st floor. Sounds like they had already decided on taking over and demolition before they even went in the building. Possibly the 3rd story could have been removed and the rest of the building retained. Where I work was at one time a 3 story building/block. After a fire ages ago in the 3rd floor, that story was removed and the whole block remains as an 2 story.