Sunday, January 31, 2016

America 2016: We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore | McClatchy DC

   Is there a simmering rage across America ?   Does that explain how Donald Trump has confounded the experts and the GOP establishment is now looking at the wreckage of JEB ! (2%) and wondering if they can cobble together a coalition once some of the walking dead leave the field.
     Open borders, crumbling roads (not really) , a feeling our lives are careening out of control while the wealthy and the elites sit blissfully in their Bacchanalian world.
      Most people are just living in the burbs with their latest Apple products and their steel belted  radials.  But there is enough rage to upset the apple cart and maybe we won't get the Bush-Clinton race that was supposed to be our political gruel in 2016.
America 2016: We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore | McClatchy DC


Anonymous said...

You put articles like this on your blog Jeff yet you support the party line individuals like Stefanik who in reality has done very little for the average taxpayer in our area. Its all about raising money and having money. Short of a total uprising in this country the rich like Bush and Clinton are free do do what they want get away with what they can and get richer and richer.. Our big Networks (TV) control the voters and TV anchors like Megan Kelly of Fox get toa ir their views and ask questions with no answers to assure who they want wins.

Anonymous said...

There are as many reason for the current polling as there are people. To try to summarize it into one thing is ridiculous.

Sanders is popular because Hillary is not more likable or honest than she ever was. Plus now she has a record of blunders. At the same time you have a ton of indoctrinated college kids who want their Sandra Fluke loans paid off by the working people, so they can continue taking useless courses when they are not on social media.

On the other side you have a guy who dared to mention the gorilla in the room. An open boarder with an immigration policy too friendly to terrorists, at the expense of our safety.

Another large factor is that the population has caught on to the MSM tactics and rejected their propaganda. That is why Trumps numbers went up each and every time that the media attacked him. Of course the other factor is that Trump is a fighter. They don't want another Romney apologist who says he doesn't really mean 47 percent after he says it. They want a guy who speaks the truth and doesn't back down. That want a guy that says "anchor baby" and doesn't apologize for saying it.

You can call it anger but its actually just the desire for a candidate that is not a wussy who won't roll over the first time a gang of eight tries to make a deal with him.

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to be sarcastic but first it should be the people the government is meant to serve,but we all knmow that is not so. We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances ,so no one part of the government holds too much power but that is not so either. Now who has the most money and strongest lobby holds the power to make decisions. Now the powerful media networks work at shaping our government.
People like the Bushes mis-use power for their own personal gain using discrediting and other methods including murder achieve their goals. The Bushes the Clintons, people like Nixon have had controversy all their lives and we as a people have allowed this to happen.. More and more of us have come to believe in conspiracy and its changing of world events to make these people more powerful and certainly richer. Murders and suspicious deaths of of such people as JFK, RFK, attempts on Reagan etc have come with the realization that these people were trying to change things for us and the power brokers stopped them.
It really is time to wake up America and re-take our government.

Ima said...

Sanders just doesn't get it. We're not mad about not spending money on day care. We're mad that some idiots think their neighbors should be paying for everything they "need".
On the other hand, if I had to choose between spending millions of dollars on a bike lane for coffeen street and day care, I'd choose, well, neither...

Anonymous said...

I think all of the above posts have pretty well summed things up. I would add only, that one of the problems with being mad as hell is that it doesn't necessarily mean you are thinking straight. Being so desperate to do SOMETHING to correct the mess this country is in, doesn't lend itself to rational thinking when choosing a candidate.

Not pointing fingers at anyone or any party here. Just making an observation.

There's a reason that crackpots like Bernie and Trump are where they are. And all the GOP and Democrat brass has to do to discover the reason, is LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you actually expected different 920. What were you thinking?