Sunday, January 17, 2016

AG Taps Donors for Lots With Elections Far Off

   AG Eric Schneiderman has raised $1.6M in recent months according to his semi annual filing, which is due from all campaigns and candidates on January 15.   This is all alien to NNY where I am so sure no one would think of donating $$$ to any campaign, much less these type of endeavors.
    Mr. Schneiderman is thought to want to challenge for Governor in 2018.


Anonymous said...

Let's see now, Cuomo-----------Schneiderman---------------

Hmmmm, There's a choice for you. Two sides to the same pile of dog crap. Might's well throw in DeBlasio and Weiner for good measure.

Do you suppose that the republicans could figure out a way to allow Skelos to run for governor from a jail cell? Then we'd have a balanced field of quality candidates for sure! Yessirrrreeee Bob!

Anonymous said...

Who knew a pile of dog crap had sides?


I've never had the time actually study a pile of dog crap. I'm too busy working two jobs.