Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Chance to Reset the Republican Race - The New York Times

    I thought from the beginning John Kasich was a good candidate with a well rounded resume. However, the race so far hasn't tacked that way. We'll see. The Ohio Governor may catch on in the so called "establishment lane."  But to do so he has to push aside Jeb !,  Rubio and Christie.
A Chance to Reset the Republican Race - The New York Times


Anonymous said...

Kasich would make a good democrat frontrunner. We are not surprised you support him.
The feds pass the entitlement burden down to the states and in NY the state in turn. passed it down to the counties. We see our own cash strapped county having to raise the sales tax on top of high property taxes. Yet Kasich is proud of expanding Obamcare by $15 billion, using a temporary fund that will soon dry up and then leave the state holding the bag.

The the senile Grey Lady has the nerve to call the republican front runners "extremists", while a socialist is eating Hillary's lunch and we are coming off the most extreme leftest president in your lifetime. It is no wonder that Fox News has more young people watching it on a daily basis than NY Time's has of all readers combined.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Hey about Trump picking Kasich as he VP choice or Rubio?

The silence is forthcoming I assume.

Ima said...

John Kasich and the other candidates are as big of wimps as McCain. That's why Trump is so popular. He doesn't just sit there in take it like the rest of them, including the last few republican administrations...

Anonymous said...

5:48 you are RIGHT

BUT the only reason that empty suit is playing well at all is due to the dumbing down of the average american.who swallows that load of garbage

A silver spooner daddy's boy with no filter between the brain and the mouth ,who is a reality show wet dream for president .......only in the dumbed down 'merica can this happen .!