Saturday, January 30, 2016

22 Hillary Clinton emails declared 'top secret' by State Dept.

   Republicans have a made to order talking point as the latest release of Hillary Clinton e-mails contains 22 the State Department won't release for security reasons.

   Meanwhile in her own party, Bernie Sanders is getting mileage out of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs with his veiled suggestions of Secretary Clinton's closeness to big money.

     It all boils down to Monday night in Iowa and we will see if Mrs. Clinton is inevitable or in for a struggle.

      I like how the dainty press criticizes Senator Sanders for going "negative" on his opponent. Drawing distinctions and outlining your opponent's character and associations is not negative. It's called campaigning.

22 Hillary Clinton emails declared 'top secret' by State Dept.


Anonymous said...

No matter what this investigation reveals, there will be no charges for Hillary. She, and Barack Himself, are beyond laws. And golfers everywhere are fine with that. Nothing could prompt them from withdrawing support for their babe. While many waited and hoped we wouldn't get to this point, we did. Laws are for common people. None of this will effect Hillary.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Memo To The Media: "I asked the media in hundreds of venues for over 1 year to ask Hillary Clinton the following: Classified or Unclassified, did sensitve material on your email server cost lives?" Well the answer is obviously a resounding yes, and the Obama administration is now trying to cover this up, by not keeping the public informed about the current FBI investigation; Hillary's running for President and she's damaged goods. Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Hillary is one big LIAR for sure.

Anonymous said...

She was asked that question many times, Mike. She did what she always does, she lied. Denied that it ever happened.

What has gotten into you lately. All kinds of balance and logic. You offer much more, while the golfer sulks.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

She has stated under oath that the materials she got that is now classified (after further reviews) WAS NOT when sent or received by her ... I take her at her word.

It is those up the chain responsible for proper and timely classification if anyone, but not HILL or anyone else who receives materials that after-the-fact is determined that should have been classified before-the-fact.

This is a serious matter for serious-minded persons ... sadly in this day and age of narrow-minded politics that is all but impossible.

Ima said...

How many years does it take to do an investigation like this? If this was a pedophile with porn on their computer, they'd be convicted and a year into their sentence by now.