Monday, December 7, 2015

Will The Silver Conviction Change Anythiing ?

     Bans on outside income are being talked about again in Albany as a response to the Sheldon Silver conviction. Of course the devil is always in the details and since it's lawyers who are the culprits and they write the laws, it will be difficult.
      Also a ban would lead to larger legislative salaries as the $79,500 pay, while a lot to folks like us, is less than half what most of the top legislative staffers make
       Corruption as we saw in the Silver case is a function of concolidated power. It is also worth noting that those attempting to influence legislation might want to find their actions criminalized and that might help.


Anonymous said...

Seems like that ban would take a constitutional amendment or two at the state and national level.

It is ridiculous to ban outside income. But there is no reason why they couldn't ban certain kinds of outside income.

Anonymous said...

The answer is no.. The solution is to vote in all new legislators in both houses and get some quick aciton that means something besides lip service.
Our locals Blank, Addie, Patty all vote party most of the time so we need people who listen to their consituants and vote by what they want. The second real solution is term limits and pension restrictions on part time Senate and Assembly jobs which they all amount to.
Will we see any action.?. No.. Why? Because they wont ruin their own career jobs, anyof them.

Anonymous said...

We need term limits.

You think Addie could get anyone to pay her 79,500 a year for her talent? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

No, because the state let it go on for way to long. Now people in Albany are saying they knew about all of it for years. It's a big fat joke. Think if the man would have been smart enough to stop a few years ago. He would have been rich like the rest that knew when to stop.