Saturday, December 12, 2015

Wife’s role in California attack raises fear of jihad brides - Las Vegas Sun News

    Getting married ? Be careful she's not a "jihad bride."

    Stay  off those Islamic dating sites, cause from now on if you show up at the shooting range with someone named Tashfeen, wearing Muslim garb, somebody will call you in. Not saying that's fair but it's the times we live in.

     Wife’s role in California attack raises fear of jihad brides - Las Vegas Sun News


Anonymous said...

Our media is beating this to death. If these people got some attention prior to the attack it might not have happened. The morals of the media today is in question so I doubt they would make any report of potential wrongdoing rather get in position to take some pictures and give a frenzied report that changes hourly and for days at times.

Anonymous said...

If you were a goat freak, and you managed to get to the US, why would you go online and import a towel headed mystery woman from back home? This latest peace lover lived in California. Have you seen the women in California? Yet he imports a swine with a cover of it.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where anyone would or should report anything. It's better that others die than for you to be called a bigot. Me, I love muslims.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

We are being consumed by fear.

Imagine all the war brides in the past like those from Japan, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Korea, and elsewhere had we been consumed by fear then and take harsh stances being advocated today over one case (the Malik example in Calif.)?

Fixing gaps in the overall process is up to the State Dept., law enforcement agencies who do background investigations, and Embassy screeners who issue passports, clearances, and visas to any person coming here as a "war bride (man or woman: fiancée or financé)...

I shudder at that prospect of seeing this continued policy based on fear ... certainly fear sells, that is until we stop buying it.

This is a very sad commentary for our country.

Anonymous said...

The only thing sad, Dan, is your president's willingness to lie, and your willingness to spin. Two big differences from those past irrelevant situations. First off, the wars were over in those cases. The world was headed towards peace. And Dan, I don't remember anything about waves of violence perpetrated by women from Vietnam, Germany, or any other place. Completely different situation. But you knew that. Didn't you?

As far as your lament about selling fear, maybe you should call your controllers. That kind of fear and misinformation is behind every tired old gun control proposal as well. But I imagine in that case you have no problem with fear mongering. You certainly are a predictable man.