Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome to America

   Now we get to see our Jihadi couple upon their arrival in the US. Nice selfie, but really...this is hardly an advertisement for those Saudi dating sites..
Malik and Farook
     Trump says its time to shut off the flow of these folks. I don't know, singling out all Muslims is harsh, but a finance visa ?  Give me a break. You should have to pass some kind of muster. From her background...not so.

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Anonymous said...

How many reports are being released by minutes.

The FBI "they were radicalized for quite some time"
The father of Jihadi Johnny "was a big supporter of ISIS"
72 individuals on the no fly list 'are working for DHS' Department of Homeland Security.

The Washington Post writes keep sending them in to show the world our tolerance

AG Loretta Lynch had to backwalk her awful statement last Friday that anyone that dares to mention anything of any ill towards Muslims that the Government deems inappropriate and hateful will be monitored.

I personally can't stand listening to the man, can leave already for his next vacation he can back to his good friend Rahm and his hateful rhetoric in Chicago and Michelle My Belle can go do whatever hate she likes to spread whereever.

Iran just tested another missle violating the UN Treaty Danny says was the right choice by Barry Soreto Obama. Hilly and Gilly were for supporting the muhullahs as well.

Getting back to Jihiadi Johnny, I would say his garb back then when he picked up the mail order bridge appears to be a typical muslim outfit, more along the line of the the Ft. Hood shooter that the military was told you have to look the otherway.

No assimilaton going on, there not here to live the American Dream.