Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday...Bad News and Good Service

    Another shooting....You just want to turn off the TV and shelter in place with your dog. It's really depressing. We will see who these nuts were but as I write this they are still at large.
    Couple stories of good service. Paid my water bill today and ask why it seemed larger and the nice lady looked up my records and sent a crew over to check the meter and look for leaky toilets Everyone was very nice.
     Had a very helpful person call me today from the NYS Comptrollers office to explain how retirement works. Due to age and time of service I am one of only two known city people eligible to retire based solely on elected office. The other was Jim Brett.
     It's not a fortune, but you work for things in life and we will see if it's the right decision to take it now or wait.
     Then there's Crazy Ray. I was at Home Depot with rain pouring outside looking for a toilet for the tenants upstairs. There was Ray from the Bay and he helped hoist the Kohler and even used the Caprara van to run it back to Pearl Street. You always get the little extra at FX.
      And for more good service you can't beat Kristin, the new bartender at Pete's who just came down from Appleby's.   Her Mom owns a Touch of Grace on Coffeen Street.

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Anonymous said...

Quite the housekeeping you've done qith many of your blog posts Jeff. Reason?