Wednesday, December 16, 2015


   As for me, I am down to two events left. A WLDC meeting tomorrow and the Council meeting on Monday.  It's an interesting feeling being lame. It's like you are in a room but nobody sees you. That's a hint that life goes on, which it does.
     And about this weather. I like it and its official. The Christmas Day temperature will be 50 and the holiday will be green.   Fine with me. I don't have any interest in moving snow or bundling up. Winter will arrive and it will be a shock after all this.
     The rain is producing a good hydro month for the City as Faith, Hope and Charity are all spinning. However, spring runoff may be sparse so nature has a way of leveling things.
      It's good to spend more time on the business, and not rushing around all day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Graham, imagine my glee when I drove down Clinton Street yesterday and saw the crews in the process of moving all of the light poles from the middle of the new sidewalks back into the grass. Each light is now on its own pad and the effected sidewalk blocks are being replaced. I know this was a lot of work and I hope whoever designed and installed them this way has been fired but for those in wheelchairs or trying to push a stroller, thank you!
The only other question that came to my mind is why we have the historic light poles in the second block of Clinton but not the first? Washington Street has them as does Holcomb, why not the first block? Visually it looks like crap and should be included. Just saying. But thanks for moving the poles.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the years of service. Well wishes in the next phase of life.

Anonymous said...

My take on the "ornamentals" - get rid of them all.

They look like crap, and I see them as symbolic of the whole city.

Many are missing most of their paint, mismatched light heads, crooked poles and or light heads, different color paint on the ones that actually do get a paint job, and the light they do put out is inferior to plain old cobra heads which require much less maintenance.

City should have stuck with Donovan Construction to manage their electrics.

Anonymous said...

As a cost savings should have left the old green ones in place and just changed the ballast to accept a 70 watt high pressure sodium bulb , but you will have some that want the newer LED which will cost a little more to retrofit each pole . As far as the old cobra heads they are less maintenance but reminds me of yester year war of the worlds movie . the black retro pole lights on the square with the 1880s style look great. Remember that old saying , If it isn't broke don't fix it.