Sunday, December 6, 2015

WDT: City Blamed for Never Getting Anything Right

      As usual, the City has done nothing about it. That's the sweeping conclusion from 260 today over a sewer hookup to the otter tank at the Thompson Park Zoo.

" In 2003, city officials recognized that the exhibit needs to be connected to a sanitary sewer service. But as is typical with the city government, nothing has yet been done about it.,"  reads today's tome.

      Who are they blaming ? The editorial says a plumbing deficiency was identified by the City in 2003. That was prior to my current tenure as mayor, so I will take their word for it as they had a senior staffer on the Zoo board at the time.
       Unless my memory fails me, the issue has never been raised by the Conservancy, the media, current Council members or staff in the ensuing years.  On many occasions I have advocated for enhanced sanitary facilities for humans and it has been an uphill battle. Never was there discussion of a sewer line to the otter tank, although as a citizen, a taxpayer and a supporter of the notion of having the Zoo, I would say put it in, although as a non-micromanager , I don't know how long a span would be needed to access a sewer main.
      A polite letter or phone call over those years would have gotten a response I am sure from me or any of my colleagues. Polite usually trumps snarky. At least that's what my life experience has taught me.
Watertown Daily Times | Fix the problem: Zoo’s otter exhibit should be connected to sanitary sewer service


Anonymous said...

The WDT should focus on getting their product out correctly.

Yesterdays currents section, page C3 had content for December 7 on it.

Amazing that they can see into the future.

I foresee that I'll be paying for that same content twice. But hey, I'm used to that with them.

Anonymous said...

I won't bother reading the link. I agree with you 100%.
What's more, is the publisher has always been up to his eyeballs in calling the shots in the shadow government. From DANC and our overbuilt housing to Hospice selling their building too cheap, to the hospital firing their leader, to the Park changing and adding exhibits, they strongly influence how things are run. They and their former editor in chief were a big part of bringing otters to the zoo. Perhaps sewage concerns should have been addressed as part of that movement and decision, with a definitive plan and time line put in place. But that wouldn't make for a good fake story and fake blame on the lame duck Mayor would it?

Anonymous said...

The Zoo has never done anything right, if memory serves me correct the zookeepers house is on a septic tank, There's apipe on Olmstead Dr. that was questionable when done....

Anonymous said...

with a new zoo chief every 12 to 18 months,is it any wonder it never came to anyone's attention?

Anonymous said...

At one time the City had a representative on their advisory board. If this is no longer the case it should be looked into. I know at one time it was the Parks Superintendent and then the City Planner or it may have been both. With all the City has invested it should be part of their lease to be represented then someone can report back to the powers to be.

Anonymous said...

Why not some sort of hybrid septic system or filtration system for the Otter house? Why does this sort of thing always have to include a huge payment to the engineering cartels and a massive price tag?