Thursday, December 10, 2015

WDT: Watertown home raided in possible meth lab investigation

   It's so commonplace to see all the vehicles and the hazmat bedecked cops, that driving by a meth lab investigation is something you don't have to wonder what's up.
    What once was mistaken for the closing scenes from "E.T.", is now just another common event in the war on drugs.
      The latest was on Huntington Street, a busily travelled area where motorists glanced over at all the activity.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown home raided in possible meth lab investigation


Anonymous said...

My hat's off to these industrious meth manufacturers.
I don't know if you have checked in to how to make meth but making meth is not easy. I haven't searched it since P2P went out of style (or should I say since Napster was shut down). But the instructions I found seemed a lot more complicated than those instructions on the cooking channels, that the great chefs get so much credit for having the talent to follow. There really should be some culinary awards for those people who can follow the recipe's and end up with meth.

Anonymous said...

Man involved has been on display more then once before. Why? Is he Huggy Bear?

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that our law guys are on it. This stuff is really bad. If it was allowed to go on, you wouldn't believe the problems in our community.