Saturday, December 19, 2015

WDT: Ronald and the Arches Will Be Missed in Canton

      We all get used to the way things are and a regular spot to have coffee and conversation is a treasure. The closure of the McDonalds in downtown Canton is a 37 year tradition gone due to an "underperforming" store facing the brave new world of the Governor's Wage Board.
      Of course, folks sitting for coffee isn't enough to support a fast food business without a drive through winidow.
       A corporate store in a downtown is not easy to find in these parts and there are probably places in the blur of strip development on Route 11.
      Usually, people are poo-pooing the chains, but in Canton the building will stand vacant soon until somebody makes it into a dentists office that looks like a McDonalds.


Anonymous said...

Its kind of funny to read the idiot comments about it of on the WDT's site. As if there has to be one and only one reason for them to close.
It is indisputable that the new wage rates in NY are a factor. Why wouldn't doubling the cost of wages, when wages are the largest expense, be a factor? Obviously companies prioritize where and when to build and obviously, a place like upstate NY that is harder to make a profit in, is going to get bumped down the list.

It is also all but certain that county requirements were a factor. There is a reason McDonald's spends a boat load on advertising every day and the best/cheapest advertising is a sign out front. Those signs are not cheap to put up but still well worth it.

Obviously the lack of drive thru is a big factor, making it necessary to either rebuild relocate or close.

Anonymous said...

All this distress over one fast food joint closing in the big county. Must be REALLY hard up for jobs there. Shouldn't Cuomo give McD's $10 million or so to stay for 3 more years?

Anonymous said...

Right 9:48, these employees only have to go get a job at one of the taxpayers universities. Or maybe one the "private" universities mooching off the govt.

Anonymous said...

Find another red herring 750. Your claim is completely unsubstantiated. But keep tryin' pal!

Anonymous said...

9:48, you miss the point completely. Its not just one fast food joint that is getting the fuss. Its the fact that the govenrment caused it to close, that is getting all the fuss. From the village to the county to the state, each played a significant role in killing this business. It doesn't take a Ben Carson to see that. And it doesn't take one to figure out the same govenrment is not just killing this one business but killing many other businesses or discouraging most others from expanding here or coming here in the first place.

You can make your joke about $10 million to stay but those 40 jobless people will each be getting lots of your money soon each and every year. Along with the need for more govenrment employees to "assign their cases to". and lets not forget a big public union built palace to administer that from too.

Anonymous said...

How come there is no mention of who owns this mcdonalds? Is it a corporate one of does someone like James O'Donnell own it?

Anonymous said...

12:36, it does say who owns them in the article. O'Donnell saw the writing on the wall a few years ago and sold all his locations to corporate. Got going while the going was good.

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Anonymous said...

Since they are closing the one in Canton,that opens the market for another one in the north country.I vote for one on Washington St,say around the 1200 block.Then us southsiders can get a damn big mac when we want one for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

It's the day they stopped selling the McRib. That took them down.