Saturday, December 26, 2015

WDT: Preliminary Hearing Provides Details of Murder and Insight into the Subculture

     This weekend we learn of another alleged break in at the Winslow Street apartment where a man was killed over a week ago and the details revealed at a preliminary hearing offer insight into what happened, inluding a surveillance video in the home of Nichalas VanZelf and a 12 inch blade found in the back yard.
      As the cases proceed, it's everyone for themself and it appears 19 year old Freddie Southerland is the prime target in the apparent search for some "weed" gone awry.
      This story by Craig Fox offers a lot of meat on the bone for those attempting to understand the tangled web of people involved in this.
        The posting by the WDT of a music video featuring defendant Southerland in a gangsta rap scenario is further insight and now that the participants in the video are also ID'd and widely known, we will see where all this leads.

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