Saturday, December 12, 2015

WDT: Potsdam Senior Says It's About All Students

   I can agree with student Daniel Els, who in an OP/ED, opines that SUNY Potsdam's debate over hate should not merely revolve around issues of race, which he says this new POWER group is committed to.
     Mr. Els is a senior and God bless, he took the time to write something that's readable and thoughtful.
      Can we say we are against all forms of hate and bigotry without going bonkers over being so PC.
      So Mr. Els, thank you for your views.  And tell us, are you related to golfing great Ernie Els ?
Watertown Daily Times | Daniel Els: All SUNY Potsdam students should feel supported


Anonymous said...

This is a well crafted think piece by this student calling for inclusivity . ALL LIVES MATTER. What we have seen in some of these demonstrations is anything but civil or inclusive and has taken quantum leaps in abstraction relative to perceived hostile external environments in the greater Potsdam community.

Anonymous said...

NO we cannot say we are agaisnt all forms of hate.
The people who are pushing the anti hate theme are the same hypocrites who spew hate toward Christie for being fat, and toward Palin for being a conservative woman with a daughter who got pregnant, and toward the entire republican screed, and toward Fox news for daring to be fair and balanced and toward Trump for having atypical hair, and toward Christianity for not endorsing gay weddings, while at the same time making every excuse in the world for the religion of terrorism.

The ACLU board members even urge the killing of Trump supporters:

The story about an ACLU member urging the killing of Trump supporters would be the top story on every MSM channel for two weeks if it was an NRA member urging the killing of Hillary supporters. And then the MSN would make every GOP candidate comment on it. You will not hear the MSN ask any democrats to comment on this story. Even though it is what most democrats think.

Anonymous said...

What Mr. Els is not allowed to discuss outright in his op-ed due to PC is the real reason Blacks don't want LGBTQ's in POWER.

As evidenced by California Proposition 8 in 2008, Blacks far and above all other races, don't like gays. In that legal effort to allow gays to marry, black voters were against it by over 70%, while whites voted 51%. In other words (which of course is never heard in the MSM) far more black people are bigots than white people.

So POWER, get over it ! You are a bunch of whiny little bigoted children, and when you stop trying to keep other people from enjoying the same freedoms you are entitled to, then maybe someone will listen to you. Until then you are nothing but noise.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. I fool, or maybe even two, sends a stupid note to a gay, black teacher. The teacher grows fearful and goes to the police. Duh kids find out about it, at finals time, and demand to be safe. So instead of cramming for tests, they march and put on all their nose rings and dye their hair, mostly red or so it seems. All available victims, blacks, Injuns, lesbians, gays, hip hop lovers, and the progressive folks who gush at Obama, all line up and march around yelling hey hey ho ho something or other. The Potsdam administration, believing there is a way to placate the "safety" concerns of trans whatever students meet, bend over, cry on command, hand out twinkies, and otherwise beg for forgiveness from the kiddies for the dirty notes. There is an arrest in the matter, but unfortunately for the panty parade, turns out to be a guy named Hussein. Oh the irony. As that doesn't fit the agenda, it's kind of ignored. And now we have a taxpayer financed crybaby movement, as compared to other movements, that promises to go on until the world is safe for the children, or at the very least until they are told to shut up, study, and get on with their progress towards a lifetime of victimhood.

Anonymous said...

One person writing a letter or two does not mean the school tolerates hate or that the school is full of those that hate.

I hear the demands the group is promoting but I do not hear how changing the dean will stop Hussain from writing his letters.

I also hear a lot of hate towards the "majority". This group is free to disparage us even though most of us do not practice prejudicial biases and only want to complete college. Their over the top, entitlement attitudes and actions make us say just shut up and I am glad I graduate in May.

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter is a hate group and a terrorist yes the school does tolerate hate.

Anonymous said...

To the.overwhelming majority of POTDAM students and faculty who are too busy working or studying for finals and just doing your job to the best of your ability rather than fueling controversy .......CONGRATULATIONS for using judgement anf focusing on what you must do to succeed in Life ..

My best wishes , You people are the REAL Potsdam