Sunday, December 13, 2015

WDT: More Musing About Potsdam.

     Director of student conduct and community standards ?  I was reading today's editorial on our local campus in turmoil and noticed this is the title of Annette Robbins, who protesting students want sent packing along with the Dean of Students.
       What is a director of student conduct and community standards ?  Anyway, the Times opines its premature to fire her or the Dean, but that students have a right to relief from the "systemic" racism in society. Administrators livelihoods matter.
      I am upset too about things I see going on that are troubling like this issue in Chicago with the teen riddled with 16 rounds and the systematic cover up by Rahm's administration. Now there's something systemic.


Anonymous said...

I agree that bad cops getting away with excessive force on drug crazed criminals is a problem for concern, when the democrat mayor and his machine aid in the coverup. But I don't think you should be upset over it. And you should recognize that the teen would be just as dead if he were white or Hispanic. The idea that blacks get worse treatment from cops is a proven fallacy and lie.

Students do not have a right to relief from systematic racism unless that racism is being practiced by the govenrment or by someone engaged in commerce.

The college can take steps to censor their students and student behavior, but there is no "right" that forces the college to take those steps. And it could be argued successfully and legally argued that there is a right that they cannot force that censorship.

For instance, if the college banned students from wearing a tee-shirt with a perceived racist word or phrase on them, or with a southern flag on them, it would be an interesting court case.

Anonymous said...

$58,947 per year

Anonymous said...

Blacks in the US have worn out the "I used to be a slave" story as a way of making them special, now its the "you hate me" story.

Here's the thing, I never had a slave, my parents didn't have a slave and my grandparents didn't even come from this country so they certainly didn't have a slave. I don't hate blacks, nor does anyone I know. I actually care about them exactally how I do most people who aren't my family, i.e. I couldn't care less about them.

You aren't special becuase you are some certain race, you're just another face in a crowded world of faceless people. Pay attention in school, get good grades, get a job, obey authority, take care of your family, add to civilization and your life in this country will be fine.

That's all you deserve, and that's all you're going to get. Sorry, but you're nothing special anymore, no matter how hard you try to bend a situation to make it appear that you are.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that director of student conduct and community standards is a very talented lady. Her skills must me limitless.

Anonymous said...

3:46 Truth !

Anonymous said...

As Director of Community Standards did she give her seal of approval to the Piss Pot Park art display?

I'm surprised the protestors didn't organize a sit in at the Market st. Art Gallery.